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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

March 18, 2005

The red eyed grey memory of green beer blues.

Congratulations to Jody Rich,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Meg Gooddog for:

The Brothers Kramermazov.

The other captions:

  • Every breath you take I will be watching you ... -- Wondicky in Tokyo
  • Man, what a hangover! Remember when Scooter was wearing the lampshade? -- Spike & Sara
  • The morning after St. Patrick's Day - Give 'em the hair of the dog that bit 'em! -- Lori Luther
  • One green beer too many! -- Mrs. Coop
  • Call Dr. Herriot; we're nowt but heads! -- Joe Cool
  • Don't even think about it! -- Belinda
  • Spenser and Clayton at the end of the pajama party. -- Becky - beaglemom
  • Rosencrantz and Gildenstern -- Roland the Thompson Gunner
  • "Ahm a-gonna count to 3...then yore floppy ears better be outta Dodge." -- Joie de Beagle
  • "Two Peas in a Pod!" -- Snick's Mom
  • What a night! Remind me why we celebrate St. Patrick's and we are not even Irish? -- Reagan
  • Geez...if she takes one more picture of us..... -- Daisy's Mom
  • In searching for jobs, the boys found the wrong "Head Hunter"... -- Amy - Abby's The Beagle's Mom
  • He is Oleh, I am Sven. -- Craig "Beagle Lover"
  • Harrumph! I do NOT have a freakishly long snout. -- Bean's Buddy
  • Sleepy Beagle Heads for all occasions. Collect em! Swap em! Give them to your witch doctor friends! -- Prada
  • Mount In-no-Rushmore -- Tucker
  • Two is better than one -- Doc Holiday's (Beagle Extraordinaire) Mom
  • Let's see, who's not the photogenic beagle? -- Induy's mom
  • No, You make the coffee. -- Alex
  • You think they'll bring out dinner here? Or, do we have to move? -- Lady & Tramp Catania-Beagle
  • Clayton, your conversation skills SUCK! -- 1-0-1
  • AND IT'S SPENSER BY A NOSE! -- 1-0-1
  • wake us when the snow is gone! -- lucy beagle
  • No, really that's very interesting, tell me more.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz -- mm12
  • March madness creates television zombies. -- Lucy's Human Companion
  • Leno or Letterman? Your call . . . -- Hula Boy & Mosh Pit
  • Let's just cuddle tonight! -- Shiloh (my bealge) and Ariel
  • So what were you last time round? --
  • You know Clayton, we do have more than one bed. -- Fletcher
  • ...and that wraps up tonight's Huntley-Beagley report..."good night David"..."good night Chet" -- Buttercup & Tootsie
  • "Attack of the two-headed snuggle bed!" -- Melissa
  • Was that you or dad? Pew!! -- Mark
  • the boys were nonplussed with the entertainment. -- maggie moo's mum
  • You sly old dog... -- Simon
  • Let's have a nip of that Irish whiskey, you said. One little nip can't hurt, you said. -- Benny's Mom
  • Go away NOW ! Ggrrrrrr! -- BrandyT.
  • ahh this is the life, eh? -- emily
  • was it scooter that said space and time are governed by the principle of sufficient reson? -- dupontbeagle
  • "Sweet Clayton" - hah, I know he is up to something. -- Bobbie
  • Lullaby and good night my dearest friend! -- Ariel
  • Exhausted haiku judges. -- Barbara R.
  • "Scooter got the girl and we got the hangovers." -- Mark O.
  • Worrying that OPEC will cut Scooby Snack production too. -- Randy
  • "I told you the Iditarod would be too much for us." -- Kate
  • Blue, ticked hounds. -- Jody Rich
  • Hushed puppies on a shoe tree. -- Bev Clarke
  • Go ahead and try it, kid. They all tried it... once. -- Dixie's Aunt Vic
  • I hear they went to Jamaica. Suppose they'll bring us each a tee shirt? -- Brenda Crispin
  • They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike -- -- Heather FaerieStar
  • what do you mean you're late? -- sandy swagerty
  • I'm not touching you -- Blue
  • WHO invited YOU to the slumber party? -- Rosco's Mom
  • could use a mint. -- Tony Baker
  • Fine...I'll share the spot if I get your food! -- Alicia O.
  • All is not well, in Mudville, er, Beagleville. -- Abby Wabba and Lily-Milly
  • Why MGM picked the "roaring lion" over this, I'll never know. -- Barko the Magnificent
  • Before and after, or after and before? -- Bean Goose
  • I love too -- Dina
  • Hey, you have half an inch more of bed than I do. Move over! -- Julie's kids
  • Unsuspecting beagle is about to meet the alter ego... Mom, Help!! -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo