The Daily Digital Photo
Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

March 11, 2004

commander Clayton
pilot Scooter at the helm
gyroscope went out

Congratulations to Jody Rich,
winner of the haiku caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Bev Clarke for:

nature's grand design
harmony and grace abound
and then there's Scooter

Thank-you for all your wonderful entries. This was very difficult to judge!
The other haikus:

into spring I fall
not missing the winter pain
beagles bloom again
-- beagle boy
Scooters butt smells sweet,
As the early morning dew,
Ahh sweet poo, sweet poo!
-- 1-0-1
Hello in Beagle
Humans don"t understand it!
Hi Scooter, Hi Bro!
-- 1-0-1
Doggie gymnastics
Forward rolls are difficult
Thank you, helpful coach
-- Cindy from Ohio
In quest for yin-yang,
Being "yin" is not so fun.
Clayton be yin now.
-- Beaglomaniac
Downward-facing dog
Can be relaxing unless
You are the upward
-- Amber
On my head I stand
As I moon your little face
Please don't try at home.
-- Kramer and Kate
Beagle butts are up
Beagle butts are on the ground
Beagles all around
-- Libber and Emma
with a forward flip
and a backwards kick , Clay-
ton hopes for a kip
-- Maggie Moos Mum
playing on the couch
with my best beagle buddy
your butt in my face
-- Andrew H.
Twister, the hot spot
Wait, we lost the twister spot
Maybe we should play cards
-- seb
Butt bump, in your nose
I head bow to your patience
You must be a saint
-- Susan and Orla
He puts his head down,
Sticks his butt in Clayton's face,
Scooter is a clown!
-- K. Spivey
Left eye on green leaf
Hind quarters on the pillow
Twister on the couch
-- Trixie the Beagle
Newest yoga move
Called downward dog with a touch
Of butt in your face
-- Calvin K Peanut
Clayton, if you would
Do me a large favor and
Check my butt for smells?
-- Calvin K Peanut
You should know by now
This couch is mine, Move or I
Shall smote you with butt
-- Calvin K Peanut
"What are you doing?"
"This is my seat!" said Scooter.
Move over Clayton!
-- Bernice
Scooter does headstand
he is cute but not enough
for me to cede couch
-- Beaglemom with Stckley and Wynnie
After the snow play
Beagle rest on the sofa
Waiting for the meal
-- Wondicky in Tokyo (helped by Urara)
when the springtime comes
a young man's thoughts turn toward
boogers on the couch
-- Mark O.
Scooter's Zen training
reveals a new perspective
all is upside down
-- Jody Rich
Scooter knows the best
so he measures the thread count
before plunking down
-- Bev Clarke
Tumblings always neat,
Cept when you land on your bum
Clayton break my fall!
-- 1-0-1
one end up one down
we are ying and yang they say
we just call it play
-- M starlight
mirror images
the good and the naughty, we:
brothers in reverse.
-- rusty blue eng
Rolling, Sniffling
Scratching, Sniffing, all around
Don't you love beagles?
-- Lauren
Our favorite pose
Is here on our soft sofa
Scooter's on his head
-- Meg Gooddog
Clayton is home in
New Jersey, but Scooter is
Chann'ling Australia.
-- Meg Gooddog
Scooter's world seems now
To be upside-down. Alas.
Scooter is confused.
-- Zoey Gooddog
Standing on my head
Looking like a crazy dog
My people love me
-- Shannon
Suddenly Clayton
Can't see, but the odor that
Assails orients.
-- Phoebe Gooddog
Standing on his head
Scooter feels at one with his
Dog brethren in Oz
-- Meg Gooddog
You know I love you.
I share my bed and the couch.
Your butt smells like poo!
-- Gracie Butler's Mommy
Ice cream headache hurts!
Clayton says "lie on my head"....
I don't think it works!
-- Kate and Kramer
Standing on our head
This couch is really daring
Beagles are just great!
Scooter wipes his nose
he sneezed with a loud "haiku"
cabin fever blues
-- Randy
Clayton's brother's here
in the lap of luxury
would that he were sane
-- Maggie M.
Topsy turvy dog
One somersault will be next
That's life with Beagles.
-- Dixie's Aunt Vic
Beagle stands on head
Beagle sits, rests head on friend
Hound Yin/Yang results
-- elizabeth rider
Two peas in a pod
We lie body to body
We're brothers and pals
-- Phoebe Gooddog
The blood rushes to
His head. Scooter wonders when
He'll be right-side-up.
-- Zoey Gooddog
I stand on my nose
And I gaze down at the floor.
Where are all the mice?
-- Meg Gooddog
i like a warm bed
i like to stand on my head
i am a beagle!
-- twinkle-toes
I stand upside down
for you my brother beagle
the things that I do....
-- Jenni and Simon
Beagle gymnastics
Scooter tries a headstand, yay!
Clayton not impressed.
-- Melissa
Circus is in town
Oh, please let me run away.
will I make the grade?
-- Simon
gonna catch a train
leave the doldrums of winter
listen to the rails
-- Barbara R.
Beagle Up and Down
Boys can act like Silly Clowns
Sniffing North and South
-- sam,zoey,romeo and buddy
Scooter's butt is cute
But it's making Clayton mute
Scooter please don't toot!
-- Truman
Clayton will not move
I push him with my red butt
But he remains there.
-- Meg Gooddog
Beagles up side down and
Beagles smiling at the world all around
and beagles side by side
-- Rose-the-beagle-mom
Standing on my head
My butt in my brother's face
Click! goes the camera!
-- Benny's Mom
smell my butt you will
it is extremely furry
your face is buried
-- Brandy T.
Nose to butt we meet
A beagle game of twister
My turn to lick yours!
-- Julie's kids
My head on the bed
causes static to go to
my butt to my friend
-- Mark
Haiku--how are you
We are the beagles-Hi Tu
We are as we do
-- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
Clayton's in my place
He sits there like a big lump
Nothing can move him
-- Phoebe Gooddog
snow will stop and dogs will play
spring will come for sure
-- Kate
Standing on my head
I lean on beagle brother
Who may just bite my tail.
-- Abbey & Mo's Mommy