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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

March 12, 2004

The coup d'couch was swift and merciless.

Congratulations to Roo's Mom,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Jasmine's sidekick for

    Watch for a shocking twist on the next episode of Trading Spaces!

The other captions:

  • Can I keep him Mom? He followed me home... -- Jimmy's mom UK
  • The beagle theory of evolution in it's final hours. -- Sammie Beagle
  • As Beagles See It: Everything is now right with the world. -- PJ Beagle
  • Intro to napping: Prof Dr. Siding demonstrates technique for the Boys -- 1-0-1
  • Dad tries out the new Select Number bed for the boys. -- 1-0-1
  • Sleepy, Dopey , and Bashful have doubts about Doc's plan to surprise Prince Charming. -- Rosalie
  • Freaky Friday -- cindybeagle
  • Man imitating dog........ vice versa...the natural progression of life! -- JO-- B. G. "Be Good" Beagle Mom
  • Planet of the Beagles..coming soon to a home near you. -- Indy's mom
  • VICTORY for the Beagles!!! -- Jake
  • "DAD! ....TURN OVER!" -- 1-0-1
  • One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong --
  • The Boys' Nappy time at Beaglegarten! -- Lady & Tramp Beagle-Catania
  • ....and on the floor you'll stay until you learn not to lick yourself while on the sofa! -- Julie's kids
  • The Captain finally gets tossed over.... in, "MUTINY ON THE COUCH" -- Buddy G
  • Very funny Dad. Now let us show YOU how you snore! -- Trixie the Beagle
  • Now roll over Daddy and you can have a cookie! -- Cheryl Smith
  • Hah! He looks so innocent when he's sleeping -- Caron, Drew & Virginia
  • The boys prove that there is power in numbers! -- Maggie - Moo's mum
  • Judging Phillip's Beagle Nap Form - Spenser: "9", Scooter: "8.5", Clayton: "ZZZZZ....." -- Oliver Ernest "10"
  • He's finally learning! Good Boy! -- Gene Doris
  • Do you suppose we should get the poor guy a bigger doggie bed? -- Bogie's Mom
  • I knew one day I would wake up and Clayton would turn into a dad or is it the other way around???? -- D. Philp
  • "How do you think we feel?" -- Lori Belanger
  • There were three on the bed and the little one said..... -- Cathy D
  • Beagles Rule! -- shazza
  • somehow, Phillip's demonstration of the proper place for beagles is lost on this trio! -- Becky
  • "Well, there are three of us!" -- Meg Gooddog
  • Looks like Dad broke curfew again. -- Emmitt and Sammi's Mom
  • You always said those dogbeds were comfortable! -- Huey Longpaws
  • Drs. Spenser, Clayton & Scooter contemplate cost-benefit analysis in their Alpo Sleep Apnea study. -- Earl Long Paws
  • Who's hungry, Boys? -- MG
  • Admitting defeat to the beagles, Phillip decides to get comfortable in a snuggle bed. -- Melissa
  • The Kramer Family Theatre presents: Freaky Friday! -- Beaglemom
  • dogs graciously allows man to sleep on their pillow -- lee
  • It took a long time, but we finally got him trained. -- Judy S
  • this is wrong guys -- scrappy's mom
  • You know, we wouldn't have to sleep on the couch if somebody wasn't hogging our bed! -- Scooby's Mom
  • The world restored to its proper balance, all rest. -- Dawn Eng
  • majority rules -- rusty blue
  • "Dog Day Afternoon" -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • While Scooter is disquieted, Clayton is unconcerned by Phil's eccentric behavior. -- Beagley
  • They've got him well-trained. "Off the couch!" -- Walter Griswold
  • He finally learned, NO PETS ON THE FURNITURE! Now we can relax. -- Vicki Brizendine - Austin, Texas
  • Saturday Afternoon Nap -- Megan Frank
  • Who is the bad dog now? -- Cristie Maure
  • Don't humans look cute when they're sleeping? -- Brandy from NJ
  • "hey, guys, who spiked his treat? Our dinner could be in jeopardy! -- (Art is my beagle)
  • My beagles are such a pain in the neck. But I love them anyways! -- Dave G
  • Wasn't it nice of Daddy to give up the couch for us? -- Abbey Beagle
  • "Now stay there, Dad! And don't you forget it," said Scooter. -- J. Syron
  • phillip's worst nightmare: a parallel universe where beagles rule! -- Phil S.
  • you're in the dog house -- jessica pedalino
  • Its Switch-A-Bed night at the Kramer house! -- Josh R.
  • Look at that lazy bum sleeping on the floor...You think he has a rough day like us... -- Susan
  • "See that's how you lay down GOOD like." -- Sally
  • Kinda tired! -- Ariel
  • Who's the master NOW??!!! -- Biscuit's Mom
  • A typical evening on Planet of the Beagles -- Nikki from Urliup
  • the trundle bed was brought out for the sleep-over -- Murphy
  • a dog's world. -- jim sebert
  • It's time for the Kramer boys power nap. -- Becky - beaglemom
  • I wish Dad would stop hogging our snuggle ball. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • 3 to 1 turned out to be an unfair match for Phil and the top dogs won!!! -- beagle lover
  • Life as we know it . . . -- Hula Boy & Mosh Pit
  • If he wakes up, pretend we don't know anything! -- kllightcap
  • Now that's what I call puppy love! -- Diane
  • At last the animal hierarchy is in its proper order -- D. Titus
  • You would think it was bad enough he ate our dog food - we should hide our toys. -- brock
  • We didn't mean to take all the space. -- Howard
  • Scooter thinks to himself, "It's good that he has finally accepted his place in the pack." -- Abigail van Beagle
  • Wait for it...Wait for it.....ok he's asleep...NOW!!! AROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! -- Prada's evil clone
  • Our human servant grows tired.... and it's almost time for our "7:30 On-Couch Snack". -- Prada's Daddy
  • It's OK Scooter... he had Subway for Lunch. -- Prada