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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

March 15, 2002

Another victim of the Eukenuba Nose Magnet.

Congratulations to Drew, Caron, and Virginia,
winners of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Chris Oberst for:

    Clayton ponders how much better life would be if dogs could use scissors.

The other captions:

  • Uh, a little help here? My nose is stuck.... anyone? Help? Please? -- Hobbes
  • I know this is what heaven would smell like -- B Thompson
  • Clayton the smart shopper. -- Laura DeCotiis
  • Clayton takes his new job as Quality Control Officer very seriously -- Meg Az.
  • This one will help me have better "hair days" and keep away fly away fur! -- Emmitt's Mom
  • As a member of the Broken Bag Police, Officer Clayton quells a potential volatile situation! -- Barb Shaw
  • So much little time. -- Cara
  • Beagle Heaven -- DavidP
  • "Osmosis Beagle" starring Clayton Kramer -- Elaine Taillon
  • So many choices, so little time... -- Spike
  • Smells fresh, but does it taste fresh? -- kllightcap
  • Marketing manager inspects the merchandise..... -- Cheryl Smith
  • I can smell it but I can't find it!!!! -- soccer_chick
  • When Beagles dream... -- Bailey's Dad
  • Hey guys come here, this bag has a leak and food is running out. -- Dennis Shackelford
  • The pink has a light livery palate with just a soupcon of garlic! -- Seamus Eng
  • Fruity and playful, with a hint of lamb. I'd rate this an 87. -- Julia and Moose
  • Is this REALLY the largest size you carry? -- Kichwa Tembo
  • Ah the bouquet of fresh dog food. -- Joan
  • Don't tell the guys but I want this pink one. -- KimK
  • Hmmm. Platform 9 3/4 should be right here! -- Becky F.
  • Now lets see. I dropped my coupon in here somewhere. -- Abby Shannon
  • Oh, oh, oh! I see a bisket! -- Abby Shannon
  • Sniffing around for a good bargain -- Melissa
  • Matisse....are you in there? -- Maggie the Beagle
  • Clayton in his natural habitat....the food aisle. -- Maggie the Beagle
  • Kibbles & Bits...Kibbles & Bits...I'm gonna get me some Kibbles & Bits! -- Vivian Andrews
  • "it's just like the 1960's!...I'll take a red one, a greenie, and a purple and feel great for a week! -- Bob
  • Quality Control Inspector Clayton on the job -- Candy "The Wonder Beagle"
  • this is the best one of all the daily digital -- johnny hink
  • Decisions.. Decisions.. Decisions!! -- Jessica
  • Conscientious about his figure, Clayton always studies the "nutrition facts" before buying. -- Duke
  • Embarrassed about having to wear a leash in public, Clayton plays ostrich to avoid recognition. -- Murray
  • Decisions, decisions.... -- Casey Gooddog
  • A heretofore law-abiding beagle contemplates shoplifting. -- Meg Gooddog
  • A careful shopper always studies the nutritional information before buying. -- Zoey Gooddog
  • "What's sodium metabisulphite?" -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • How much am I being paid for this quality control testing......... -- Charlie & Angie Beagle
  • "Kibbles & Bits, Kibbles & Bits, I've gotta get me some Kibbles & Bits" -- Bailey's Dad
  • not sure -- Howard & Molly
  • "Open Sesame!" -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • "If I put in a kibble and get three bags in a row, will all the rest of the kibble pour out?" -- Jack Gooddog
  • "Ma, I think I saw a mouse!!!" -- Joey Gooddog
  • Dude! Free samples! -- Cindy
  • This is the free sample aisle, right ? -- sam,zoey and romeo
  • If i can just get my teeth into the corner i might just be able to sneek it out!!!!! -- Monique
  • Hmm, Heaven=all this food; Hell=no opposable thumbs to open the bags. -- Meg R.
  • mute -- emma
  • good aroma but an over generous helping of tripe drowns the flavour i fear! -- the bad child
  • Let's see now. What was I supposed to be looking for? --
  • Wonder what happens if I pull on this little string -- Vinnie Fattizzi
  • This one smells good to me! Can we get it Please? -- Lena Strawser
  • Why choose? Can't we take them all home?? -- Ellen
  • "Don't they have these in hundred-pound bags?" -- Dick Goodman
  • "Heart of lizard, eye of newt...." -- Meg Gooddog
  • Clayton's First shopping trip? -- Melissa
  • Where's the sample guy when you really need him? -- D. Philp
  • Huh, nice buffet! -- snoozer
  • Dog food, what dog food? -- Gene Schwartz
  • This has got to be what the Rainbow Bridge is like! -- Molly Belle
  • Ahh 2001 vintage:rare rabbit, a bouquet of jasmine rice, pureed vegetables - I remember it well. -- Cotter B
  • cookies, cookies on the wall...what's the tastiest of them all! -- lucy beagle
  • foiled again, beagle - proof storage! -- terrri beagle
  • hmm....smells good! -- J. McGowan
  • Doggy heaven -- Ashlee Larkey Age 9
  • Where are all the people passing out the free taste tests when you need them? -- Buddy Davidson
  • *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* Ah yes, a good year, very good year. I'll take a dozen bags please. -- Melissa Thornton
  • When faced with such a selection, one should always be completely thorough with one's comparisons. -- Lisa C.
  • Really(mmrmmrm), this corner was ALREADY torn open (mmmrrmm). -- SidneyRoo Crowder