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March 16, 2001

Beagle Go Bragh!

Congratulations to Marty, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was for:
    Thumbs! All I need are Thumbs!

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    A poor substitute for Guinness, notes Clayton O'Kramer.

The other captions:

  • Lucky's crystal ball sees an upset stomach in Clayton's future. -- Kathy K.
  • If that little guy pops outta there, he's toast. -- Meg Az.
  • They smell magically delicious! -- Elaine Taillon
  • Rare photo of a cereal killer -- Dawn Eng
  • Tell me crystal ball, are there green stars and blue diamonds in my future? -- Carrie Beagle
  • Cool, I can open the box and get all the marshmallows before Scooter and Spenser get a chance to! -- Emmitt Greene
  • What do you mean, "Dog proof box?" There is no such thing. -- Janet Shackelford
  • Pink hearts? Yellow moons? Where are the Brown beagles? -- Trixie
  • Kibbles 'n Bits doesn't have green clovers. -- Cara
  • The little man is right! They ARE magically delicious! -- Julia and Moose
  • Somebody's teasing me... -- A. Skinner
  • "Is there really gold in this" -- Paul
  • Green clovers my paw, I want that pot of gold for next week's poker game! -- D. Philp
  • It doesn't look like dog food or smell like dog food. -- Julie
  • This is not your lucky day Leprechaun -- Jim Siegrist
  • Catch Clayton, he's got Lucky Charms... -- KK
  • I love to eat Charms. -- BeBe Beagle
  • Ugh, just a Crystal ball toy, no secret-decoder rings. Sheesh, everybody but me has one! -- Rebecca Murphy
  • It's my lucky day! -- Bethany
  • Is this for me or what -- BeBe Beagle
  • Mr. O'Clayton eagerly awaits St. Patricks day breakfast! -- kllightcap
  • sniff'n for gold -- caitlin
  • Mom you bought me a new dog food?!!! -- gail v
  • Ah-I like the "Single-serving" size box! -- Katie R.
  • Here's my meal--What are Clayton & Spencer going to eat? -- Buddy, Buster & Princess
  • This time, I'm gonna get that toy surprise at the bottom! -- Tim Sousa
  • Is there really a leprachaun in this box? -- donna & richie
  • I just KNOW I saw a little green man hide in that box! -- Phil Vorgias
  • Good thing I sent those losers to look for the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder -- Peggy Michaels
  • He's always after me lucky charms -- kyle
  • What's this, some kind of sting operation? -- Andy Sawyer
  • Should I be so lucky! -- Maryann
  • I swear I heard someone yell, 'let me out!' -- sississippi
  • If I eat this, do I end up looking like the guy on the box? -- Melissa
  • I know you're in there... I can smell you ! -- Jae
  • Aye, me lucky charms! Are there bone-shaped ones? -- T. Hicks Syron
  • "I've never seen kibble with marshmallows before." -- Chico's mom
  • if i eat these will i really be lucky? -- rebecca gutke
  • The Beagle Brigade Strikes again!!-this item gets a sniff of approval(how do I get this open?) -- Virginia and Lady Beagle
  • Dog food? IT'S NOT! YES! LET'S EAT! -- Christy
  • Hmmm. Let's look at the nutrition facts here... -- Christy
  • I know they're Magically Delicious, somebody please open the box! -- William and Jennie Ridgway
  • I'm a lucky dog! -- Deborah
  • Humm. What is in Here!! Bacon. -- Julia
  • Who cares about Clovers, Hearts and Stars? I want to eat the Leprachaun! -- Mark Sorensen
  • With all this BEAGLE CHARM who needs luck? -- zoey and cam campbell
  • Sniff..."Well these seem OK, but you can just forget about that green dog food in my bowl!" -- DavidJ
  • Forget the Irish - It's the luck of the beagle! -- Lynn Kelly
  • Lucky!!!!! How can I be 'Lucky' if I can't open the box? -- Linda Bangert
  • Let's see if someone is trying to take my lucky charms! -- Tiff
  • That must be for somebody else. I'm already sufficiently charming. -- Casey Gooddog
  • I'm so Lucky and Charming that must have been my puppy food! -- Zoey Gooddog
  • An essential part of THIS beagle's complete breakfast... -- Britta
  • Don't see what all this Irish stuff is about - Snausages smell much better!! -- Martha Kobliska
  • "Am I feeling Lucky today?" -- Lisa Rensberger
  • Do I feel lucky today? -- Jackie Snelling
  • They don't have kibble like this back on the farm -- Matt Feury
  • Aye, there after me lucky charms!! -- kait
  • Even beagles are getting in the St. Patrick's Day Spirit -- Arthur Allenbaugh
  • I feel lucky today!!!! -- Michelle
  • It sweet love -- Katelynn
  • Who needs luck with all this charm? -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • Just like me--luck and charm in one package. -- Fred G. & Sammy Jo
  • LepreClayton "nose" if they are really magical, sweet surprises -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
  • What are those mini-marshmallows made of anyway? -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Last time spencer got the toy so now its my turn! -- buster
  • Where's that little green man? I wanna play! -- KimK