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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter and Sherman: then and now.

June 10, 2009

Clayton is doing much better with all the company he now has. Phillip reports that Clayton has stopped trailing him in the morning, preferring instead to head to the couch. Of course it's possible that he doesn't follow Phillip to the door because Tuie is camped out there, putting forth her best effort at keeping the human flock in the house. Tuie always sleeps downstairs for the first few nights she's here, then she comes upstairs and sleeps in the closet. And speaking of sleeping, Phillip let Sherman on the bed last night. Clayton rarely sleeps on the bed anymore so there was no jealously issue. Apparently when Phillip came into the bedroom Sherman was semi-sprawled across me while I slept. Oh, and when I came home yesterday from work I heard a noise from behind the door that was neither Clayton nor Tuie, so I'm thinking there's sound in that boy yet.

Now if only I could get him to pose. We're working on posing.