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Clayton, Spenser and Scooter: then and now.

June 3, 2009

Clayton has had a cough for over a year. He had chest x-rays last year and nothing appeared amiss. Over the last month or so it seemed to have gotten a bit worse, and when he was coughing during those last days of Spenser's life, I was, how shall I say, "freaking out" (well, almost). So yesterday I took him to the vet. When it was our turn they started to put us in the room that we were in last Monday, and I begged them to move me, which they did. Clayton's exam was normal and chest x-rays showed nothing much different from last year. His heart and lungs are good for a fifteen year old beagle. We went home with antibiotics, bronchodilator pills, and cough syrup, and my fears somewhat abated.