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June 27, 2008

I'll get this beagle thing right if it kills me!

Congratulations to Karen S
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was Judy S for:

I skipped the light fandango ...

The other captions:

  • It would be easier to give me a bath in the dishwasher, but I'm not dishwasher safe! -- Rebekah Ray
  • Where's the "air fluff" setting on this thing? -- Spike & Sara
  • Taking baths to a whole other level. -- Amber N Eddie
  • Skipper practices his low dive in anticipation of the Olympic trials. -- David
  • Auntie! The boys locked me in that wet closet again! -- ChristyB - Gigi and Boscoe's Mom
  • I can go back to bed, my chores are done!!! -- Sandi Church
  • My work here is done...Next task for the helpful houseguest?? -- Junebug's Mom
  • Dang! This darn contraption already licked 'em clean! -- Abilene Beaglers
  • The last known photo taken shortly before the great dishwasher disaster of '08 -- kelsey's dad
  • I've finished cleaning the dishes -- Julie
  • What kind of doggy door is THIS? -- Cindy
  • Why does she prerinse? There is nothing left for me! -- Michelle, Maggy & Ruby Yanda
  • Skipper lost his merchant ship, due to other duties he needed to attend to. -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • Your dishwasher can be an ENERGY STAR , too, with our affordable upgrade package -- fivedogsdad
  • The dishes are clean now! -- Sadie and Rose
  • Ahoy Matey! Skipper here - in charge of KP. -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • Zie dishes, zey are clean. -- Steve
  • Yup, it's all clean in this house too! -- Gunner and Bailey Beagles
  • A guest does have privileges. -- Karen Klein
  • Darn it! Spenser beat me to the pre-wash cycle! -- Lois (with memories of Andy)
  • Man! I wish they'd use the low-heat setting for the dry cycle. -- Gomez & Lily
  • Skipper attends the current meeting of The Brotherhood of the Dishwasher Licker Outers Local NJ. -- Barb Shaw
  • I will wash, Clayton and Spenser can dry. -- Samantha
  • That is not a Beagle. -- Elvis Fan
  • Skipper contributes to Camp Kramer's energy-saving efforts by serving as the pre-wash cycle. -- Skipper Fan
  • This ride beats the Canyon River Rapids ride at Hershey Park - plus food is included!! -- Rusty's Momma
  • Angry that the dirty dishes were always licked clean, the dishwasher monster emerged from its lair. -- Marilyn and Chaos
  • Ok, they are all clean now, you can put them away. -- Jed
  • Hi, I'm Skipper the dish washer. -- Jed
  • Ok..I have done the dishes. Now Clayton and Spensor, where is the vacuum cleaner? -- Sunny's Mom
  • I thought the dry cycle would be shorter. -- Ginger Mitchell
  • Pre Wash finished.... -- Maggie Moo's Mum
  • In an effort to go "green", the Kramer's install a soapless, waterless dishwashing unit. -- Jenmo
  • That's not a beagle!!! -- Baxter's neighbor
  • *licks his lips* Rinse cycle complete. You can start it up now. -- Ralph & Jasmine's Mom
  • Unmaintained, dishwashers can often develop dogs. -- Snoo
  • To save on energy costs, the Kramer's try the new prewash cycle. -- Tucker Beagle
  • Doing my part to go green - I just finished licking the plates clean! -- Phil
  • Whew, that was quite a bath! -- Sully
  • Eco-Friendly Pre-wash Cycle, the latest in dishwasher technology. -- Freckles' mom
  • Renewable Energy Takes on a New Meaning at the Kramer Household. -- Rosco's Mom
  • Just doing my part to be a good houseguest. -- Tricolor dog
  • Skipper enjoys the drying cycle in the dishwasher -- Buddy
  • The perfect house guest, Skipper helps with the dishes. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo