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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

June 3, 2008

My sister emailed me from the West coast yesterday morning, all concerned that (1) I had not returned her late afternoon phone call and (2) there was no text accompanying the DD. "Was I alright?" she asked. Well, truth be told, (1) I had forgotten to look at the answering machine, and (2) yes indeed, for the first time ever I think, the DD had me stumped! I did feel a little guilty that the photos had to stand for themselves, but I predicted (accurately I might add) that the world would carry on in spite of it. So there there you have it for yesterday, now let's turn our attention to today. Phillip had to pick up his packet for this week's Zoning Board meeting so we plopped the beagles in the car and drove to the Municipal building. Spenser was very excited and as soon as we arrived in the parking lot he commenced barking, a lovely syncopated ditty that grew quite old in about ten seconds. I wonder what he was thinking. Had we arrived at the Greenie factory? Or the rabbit zoo? The house of a thousand squeakers? But alas, in five minutes Phillip returned to the car and home we went. I felt oddly guilty that we didn't GO anywhere, that the trip was a ruse, that I had disappointed my dog. But I predicted (accurately once more) that the world would carry on and Spenser would love me just the same. Which he did. Phew!