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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

June 26, 2007

Used to be that on the days when Phillip took the boys out and I stayed in the house and the phone rang with Phillip's cell phone on caller ID, I would cringe because either one of the boys had rolled and needed a bath or Spenser had escaped. Now when the phone rings it's Phillip asking if Clayton and/or Spenser has come in on their own. This is such a new occurence. It used to take a good fifteen or twenty minutes to gather everyone up and persuade them to GET BACK TO THE HOUSE! The other night I was very tired and had gone to bed early to read. It was about eight o'clock and Phillip was out with the boys. All of a sudden Spenser came bounding up the stairs with his tracking and shock collars still on, then up onto the bed with his feet all muddy. "Hi, I came in early, are you glad to see me? Clayton's on his way in but I have no idea where Father is. He was talking into that silly little thing he uses all the time." If only beagles could talk, I can just imagine.