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June 25, 2007

Phillip cleaned out his car yesterday morning. This is a big event, held a few times a year when the number of empty Mt. Dew cans reaches critical mass and the noise they make rolling around begins to drown out Carl Kasell reading the news on NPR Morning Edition. Along with the Mt. Dew cans, Phillip netted several mismatched winter gloves, three leashes, eight pairs of reading glasses (+1.50, +1.75), a couple of ice scrapers, and twenty-five pens. Yes, I kid you not, twenty-five pens sporting advertisements for drugs such as Topamax, Maxalt and Depakote. Twenty-five pens he picks up at work then dumps in the car. Don't ask me why. We've been married sixteen years and some things are still a mystery.

Anyway, as a special treat Phillip let the boys join him outside for the hour or so it took him to clean out the car. For Clayton, an open car door is a mandate to get inside lest the car leave without him. So he spent the hour in the backseat wondering perhaps when the roadtrip would begin, but satisfied nonetheless that he was in the middle of the action.