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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

June 21, 2007

I bought this bed on Tuesday and the boys have quickly made it their own. The green one that used to be here goes outside in the nice weather, and they needed a replacement. Spenser likes to hang out on it while we eat dinner, and Clayton likes to keep Phillip company at night. Speaking of Clayton, a week or two after we adopted him back in 1995 we bought him his first bed. Now realize that we were doggy novices. Clayton was my first pet, and although Phillip had had a beagle growing up he bore none of the responsibility, just the love. (This information will come in useful in just a bit.) So anyway, we bought Clayton a bed, a flat one, much like this one, and presented it to him with considerable fanfare. Clayton looked at it, gave a quick sniff, then walked away. We were crushed. What was wrong? Why didn't he like this handsome new bed that we had bought expressly for him? We called him back, we tried to convince of of the merits of the bed but he would have none of it. We sighed and gave up. And took it personally. A few hours later we noticed him return to the bed and sniff around the edges. Yes! He liked it! But then, in the middle of our high-five, Clayton proceeded to lift his leg and PEE ON THE BED! What was going on?? Now I told you we were doggy novices. We did not realize that he was claiming this snazzy bed as his own. That this was what was meant by "marking!" As time went on, as we grew more accustomed to male canine peeing habits we figured it all out. We still have that bed somewhere, out in the garage I believe with Phillip's woodworking equipment. It's filthy and covered with sawdust but who has the heart to throw it away? Not me!