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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

June 20, 2007

I hope you didn't look at the June 8 DD and think that I spent $7 on each of those squeaky toys. No way, I buy them at the Dollar Store! They don't often have squeaky toys so when they do I buy at least ten of them, along with reading glasses for Phillip who can never find a pair when he needs them because they all wind up in his bathroom. But I digress. Spenser has come to expect a squeaky store at about 8 pm, and if there is still a supply of them from the Dollar store he gets one of those. If not, Phillip turns to our bag of squeakers (yes, you can buy them online), inserts one in a de-squeaked squeaky toy and seals the whole deal up with blue masking tape. Then he plays a bit of tug-a-war with Spenser before leaving him to de-stuff and de-squeak the toy which he does atop on his chair (see above). Clayton provides color commentary for the tug-a-war portion of the evening's entertainment after which he retreats to his crate for a little rest. We all have our habits and routines. Scooter used to join in the fun with a game of fetch, requiring Phillip to multi-task with tug-a-war. This got Clayton so worked up that I would often have to place him on the couch and physically restrain him from going beserko at all the excitement.

So now you know how we spend our evenings. But I bet we're not the only ones.