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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

June 5, 2007

Phew! Make that a double Phew! Clayton's x-ray yesterday showed nothing. A few weeks ago I took him to the vet for a checkup. Mainly, to be honest, to make sure that he too didn't have cancer. After all, things happen in threes. His physical exam went fine but a few of his bloodwork numbers were off, in particular his red cell count: Clayton was anemic. Because that can be related to kidney function, the vet had us a get a urine sample (which Phillip obtained by following Clayton around the yard with a large Tupperware). Fortunately his kidney function is fine. So the next step was to get an x-ray of his chest and abdomen, to rule out a mass. To rule out cancer. I dropped him off yesterday morning, the poor hungry beagle, and tried not to worry but I wasn't entirely sucessful. I left Phillip's cell phone number with them so the vet could call him and talk doctor talk. My own phone rang at about 2pm, it was Phillip at the vet picking up Clayton and the news was good. What a relief! We'll talk to Clayton's neurologist to find out if this might be related to his auto-immune meningitis (caused, essentially, by a blood disorder) and if so the treatment is Prednisone. Clayton is hanging out in his crate tonight and I can't keep my eyes off him. How I love that little guy to pieces.