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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

June 29, 2001

At last Spenser sees why so few Beagles attempt macramé projects.

Congratulations to Rosalie, winners of this week's caption contest!

This week's tying (no pun intended) runners-up were:    

  • Un-leash me and let me love again....... -- the three beagles
  • Releash me and let me love again... -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia

    Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
        ..and this would explain why Clayton and Scooter remain at large.

    The other captions:

  • (Sigh) Humor them, they just love messing with me! -- Caron, Drew & Virginia
  • Harry Houdini has nothing on Spenser Kramer, Master Escape Artist -- KathyK.
  • Fence, schmence - with the proper climbing gear, I'm outta here! -- Dawn Eng
  • Mommy, you don't need all these leashes. I promise I won't run away again. -- Dan
  • All dressed up and no date!!! -- Jay Ranck
  • "Clayton? Scooter? Get over here and untie me! Guys?" -- Josh
  • Oh, what a tangled web we weave... -- Karen Klein
  • I promise not to run away again, enough with the leashes! -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • See? Now I can walk all of my humans at one time! -- T. Hicks Syron
  • Oh what a tangled web we weave. -- kllilghtcap
  • Spenser models a little of what the GQ beagle will be wearing this year -- Ray Ray
  • I'm ready for my walk --
  • Alright already, I promise not to go after take-out again without a parent! -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Spenser gets ready to start his own professional people walking service. -- Nena
  • Do I look like a draft horse?? Never mind all these harnesses. -- Janet Shackelford
  • I'm "bound" to go for a walk now!! -- Dee and Max
  • Spenser checks his gear for next week's mountain climbing trip -- maggie's mom
  • I'm ready to walk any direction you want to go! -- Dianne Hanten
  • The Beagle Ropes Course -- Hunter
  • C'mon! I'll take on as many of you as can snap on my collar! -- Lisa Crowder
  • Can you tell that I make them paranoid? -- Lisa Crowder
  • Okay, if I'm going to model, don't you think I should do one product at a time? -- Lisa Crowder
  • Dominatrix "Mistress Monique" is now accepting new slaves in need of a good "leashing." -- Bo
  • Another reason why Beagles do not make good Morris Dancers... -- Bo
  • Spenser pretending he's a balloon in the Macy's Christmas Day parade. -- Bo
  • Heh, heh. She'll never figure out where I hid the sleigh this year. -- Chris
  • Sir Edmund Beaglary prepares for the ascent to the summit of Everest. -- Bo
  • US Olympic hopeful in rhythmic gymnastics: Spenser Kramer -- Julia and Moose
  • After a night of too much alcohol, Spenser wakes to find that the boys have taken advantage of him. -- Julia and Moose
  • I can't decide which one is my best color! -- Melissa
  • Well What are you waiting for now? Take me out NOW! I have to GO! -- Precious and BeBe Beagle
  • I think they are trying to tell me something! -- JP in Columbus
  • All dressed up and no one to walk me. :-( -- Kevin Omaha, NE
  • Spenser lives the reoccurring nightmare of being "tagged" after alien abduction. -- Gavin Muhlberger
  • Spenser tends to get pulled in many directions. -- Cara
  • I can walk three people at once! -- Tim Sousa
  • you can never have to many leashes -- allison boivin
  • For a good time call 1-900-beagle -- Bailey's Dad
  • Presenting: The Great Houdoggie! -- sississippi
  • Ya Better Not Leave Him Waiting...He May Run Over To Blockbuster's!! -- Rachel
  • Where did I go wrong? -- Pete Ross
  • "I'm practicing to be a snake charmer!" -- Meg Gooddog
  • "How do I love thee? Let me count the walks." -- Zoey Gooddog
  • how many leashes does it take to walk beagle? -- Jenny in Illinois
  • It beats body piercing -- C Siding
  • I have a new leash on life -- C Siding
  • So I escaped a mere 6 or 7 (hundred) times. Aren't you over reacting a little? -- C Siding
  • The Great Houndini prepares for his next escape routine... --
  • Lead me to it.... -- Annie Golding
  • Watch me closely - I learned this trick from my Uncle, the "Great Houndini" -- Virginia Michaels and Lady Beagle
  • When Are we leaving?? -- Carguy123
  • Mom, none of these outfits work for me! -- Kiki & Abby
  • Mr. Botangles -- Maddy
  • By the time he's done, these lines will be as frayed as Spensers nerves. -- Rosalie
  • Everything seems in order as Spenser checks the parachute rigging before Clayton tries it out. -- Rosalie
  • I'm ready to go! -- Jessica_fetters
  • Tug-O-War, anyone? -- Tim Sousa
  • All dressed up and no place to go... -- Bailey's Dad
  • Geez guys, I can only take one of you for a walk at a time --
  • Which lead do you think goes better with my brown eyes? -- Kerrythistle
  • I'm ready to go now! -- Jill Fetters
  • All summer long, the Kramers worked on a beagle float for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade -- K Spivey
  • hEY george when are ya gonna take me out ?huh?huh? huh? -- kelsey
  • Spensers idea for a dog walking service just isn't working out the way he thought it would. -- Rosalie
  • Ok, I got all the leashes, LET"S GO! -- Rebecca
  • In their haste, the Kramers confused the leashes and dogs, leashing Spenser up 3 times -- Dog Fanatic
  • dident mean to bug ya but can we leave now!?!?!? -- Tenna Bowman
  • This is great! Now both of you can take me for a walk!!!!!! -- Donna & Richie
  • Caffeine-deprived, Laurie puts three leashes on Spenser, and thinks all 3 dogs are ready for a walk. -- Meg R.
  • All leashed up and no place to go -- Daisy, Buddy, and Flip Weber
  • Do these make my hips look big? -- Cheryl & Sammy Jo
  • I just can't decide what to wear. -- Fred & Sammy Jo