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June 22, 2000

It's a tie! Congratulations to Joan and Barbara, the winners of this week's caption contest!

Do I look like a car? - Joan
Hey, I'm a Dog, not a Dodge! - Barbara Levine

Judging by Laurie

This week's runner-up was Dave Dwyer for:
    An unfortunate new scandal for the NYPD..beaglefest crowd control tactics.

The other captions:

  • I promise not to do it again, just put away the hose!!! - Jay Ranck
  • Cleanliness in next to Godliness - MaryAnn Michaels
  • Ok,lets make a deal-I'll stay out of the mud and you keep that hose away from me! - Russ C.
  • "I rolled for weeks to get that scent where I wanted it!" - Dawn
  • "Don't they know how rude it is to mark right under someone???" - Dawn
  • Hey! Watch where you're pointing that thing! - Meg Az.
  • "That's a mighty big.....uuhh....."Hand" you've got there." - Ira
  • Hey, you're washing off my cologne, eau de morte - Ellen Parr
  • "If you're trying to wash off my back feet, I think you missed!" - Janelle Holmes
  • Well, at least it's not the pressure washer... - Janiece
  • Obi Wan Kenobi must have come during the night. He dropped his light saber. - Mimi Kahn
  • Bath?? I thought you said how would I like a nice bone? -
  • This is Sooooooooo not funny!!!!!!!!! - Kellie Lightcap
  • Mom, I think adopting the elephant was taking things too far. - Stacy Dodd
  • Wow! Yours is GREEN? - Tam Syron
  • Help me, I'm meeeellllting! What a world...what a world! - Tam Syron
  • But I *like* my natural cologne! Now I'll have to roll all over again. - Tam Syron
  • If I stand very still, maybe it won't hit me. - Tam Syron
  • Who'd peeing on me? - Rocky Rosenberg
  • But Mom, I don't NEED a bath!! I smell good, I really do!!!! - Elizabeth K.
  • Alright already! I'm yours, I'm yours... stop peeing on me! - Jen
  • Is this some kind of dominance water torture test?? - D. Philp
  • I didn't mean it, Dad, really I didn't! - D. Philp
  • I didn't do it!! It wasn't me!!! - K
  • It's not me ! Honest, I don't stink !!! - Julie Swanson, Tampa, FL
  • "HEY!!!! Could you turn up the hot water a little more?! It's freezing!!!" - Deanna Apperley
  • "I didn't think I smelled THAT bad!!" - Deanna Apperley
  • don't bite the hand that feeds you, don't bite the hand that feeds you, don't... - Phillip
  • thank god i've been fixed - Phillip
  • NO, I don't want a hot wax - Phillip
  • Hey!! Stop it!! Do you know how long it took me to get this eau de smooshed worm all over me? - Kathleen
  • Just wait til I get hold of that hose and get HIM in that spot! - Paula McDonald
  • a little higher, please. - carolyn Morgan
  • Too much water, folks. I used to be a tri. - J. Syron
  • What's with the water? I ain't no Chia pet. - J. Syron
  • Can't a beagle get a LITTLE dirty around here? - Becky
  • So, come here often? - Wayne
  • ahhhhhh - Barbara Levine
  • Jeez.....he didn't appear to be kinky! - Barbara Levine
  • Aaaaaaaagh! - Janis Detloff
  • Does the steam room, or the sauna come next? - Barbara Levine
  • But Dad, it's cold!!!
  • If you hadn't had me neutered, I could mark like that too. - Webster Beagle
  • Pretty Cool--Wish I could pee this much! - Karen Spivey
  • Burr!!! Please use warm water next time. - Debi
  • Mmmmmmmm! I love the smell of wet dog in the morning! - Cilla P
  • thats the LAST time i trust what spencer sayes to do! -
  • (sniff..sniff) It took me months to work up that stink! - Angela D'Antonio