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June 8, 2000

So this is where they keep the neuticles!

Congratulations to Meg Az., the winner of this week's caption contest!

Judging and commentary by Phillip.

This week's runner-up was Dave Dwyer (last week's winner) for:
    Spenser remembers that in most disaster movies, you need to cut the blue wire...

And again, this week's captions had recurring themes. Of course food is always on a beagle's mind:

  • Move over! I KNOW I saw some crumbs under there!  -- Barb, Lenexa, KS
  • I know the vet has a rabbit in here somewhere  -- Beth Miller
  • No mission's impossible when food is involved.  -- John Syron
  • Ok, you keep an eye out, I'm sure this is where they put the treats!  -- Kellie Lightcap
  • No Clayton, the garbage is on the other side.  -- Joan Dwyer
  • "There's gotta be some food around here somewhere!!!"  -- deanna apperley
  • I'm sure this is where she hides the Milk Bones!  -- Lori Fossen
  • "So this is where they hide the GOOD stuff!  -- Cynthia Daniels
  • You sure they keep the treats in here???  -- Kathleen
  • So that's where they keep the treats for good beagle boys.  -- Howard and Kasper
  • Keep an eye out, I know they got the snack jar from here.  -- Kellie Lightcap
  • "Their garbage is different from Mom's garbage."  -- Mimi Kahn

The Vet angle

  • Be hiding! Don't let doctor find us.  -- Eric Chi (Taiwan)
  • If we hide in here that vet will NEVER find us!  -- Sandy Geschardt
  • Dr. Vet will never look for us in here.  -- Jen Dutton
  • Hurry up and get in there before they take the needles out!!! Do you think we can both fit in here?  -- Christine Hayward
  • "Let's find those needles and KILL 'em!"  -- Mimi Kahn

Hiding or escaping

  • The Great Beagle Escape  -- Hobbes
  • There *must* be an escape hatch in here *somewhere*!  -- Tam Syron
  • "Pssssst, follow me!"  -- Carol Abilock
  • There's only room for one of us to hide, and it's gonna be ME!  -- N. Gray
  • Hey, look! It's the secret passage way out of here!  -- Carol and Lynn
  • My informer says the floor opens up somewhere in here; I'll go first, my butt's smaller  -- Kellie Lightcap
  • Spenser sniffs out the hidden escape route!  -- Lil Janssen
  • You can run...but you can't hide  -- Janiece

Searching (another beagle forte)

  • "Hey ! Where did that "Chuck Wagon" go?"  -- Ira J.
  • I know the rabbit went this way.  -- Joan
  • I'm telling you, this is were they keep the german shepard costumes  -- Phillip
  • I know it's there -- if we just work together we'll find it!  -- Cheryl Porpora
  • I know it's in here somewhere...  -- Cara Shaw
  • So THAT'S where they put them...  -- Webster Beagle
  • It's very disappointing  -- Howard, 5, 2 and 1

The R rated category - (Sorry, Scooter browses BOTW so we choose to delete these entries)

The human view

  • Trying to attempt the world record for number of beagles in a cupboard.  -- Tam Syron
  • Hey! It's my turn to play plumber!  -- Lara Owens
  • "I have a face only a mother could love." "Me too"  -- Bubba

The literary angle

  • Hey Spenser it's bigger on the inside than the outside  -- Phillip
  • The beagles, great fans of CS Lewis, try to enter Narnia from the Vet's "wardrobe".  -- Tam Syron