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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter and Sherman: then and now.

July 14, 2009

The Doublemint Twins? Why, no, it's Sherman and Tootsie! They are amazingly similar, and I continually get them mixed up. Phillip got all excited because Sherman finally gave him a kiss on the nose, but oops, it wasn't Sherman after all. Tootsie, being older, is somewhat more faded and at the moment she's quite a bit chunky! Apparently, she and Buttercup now serve as the cleanup crew for everything that baby Jacob drops from his high chair. The girls are here until Saturday while Courtney, Mike and Jacob are away. No, please do not confuse Courtney with Courtneay. Fortunately they spell their names differently. Courtney has Toosie and Buttercup while Courtneay is mom to Maggie. (There will be a quiz tomorrow.) We were a tad nervous when the girls arrived the other night because Buttercup is not good with strange dogs, and in fact, she did growl at Sherman several times. We're not sure he can hear her growl but he got the message and because he's a submissive little guy he immediately backed away. Now all is fine, because he's not a stranger anymore. So, Courtney, Mike, John, etc., all is fine, no need to worry!