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July 29, 2005

You're looking awfully spiffy today, Mr. Cleaver!

Congratulations to Ringobeagle,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Meg Gooddog for:

They also drool who only sit and wait.

The other captions:

  • If we sit here nicely and look real cute SURELY he'll give us some ........ ! -- Julie Gill
  • Beagle equivalent to Chinese Water Torture -- Gregory Jablynski
  • As Spenser and Clayton distract, Scooter will now lower himself down from the vent in the ceiling. -- Sage!
  • The government minister's breakfast is often interrupted by the arrival of the suppliants. -- Elisabeth in BMore
  • Spenser and Clayton perfect their Iron Chef commentary skills..."He appears to enjoy kibble soup." -- Meagan
  • You will give us the ice cream ---NOW! -- Lois & Andy beagle
  • Practice for the pairs ice cream begging competition gets off to a good start. -- Becky - beaglemom
  • Remember, last time you got the bowl and all I got was the spoon. This time I'm getting the bowl! -- M. Wold
  • Yummy...can we have some? -- Lady & Tramp
  • He won't turn the tv on, you bite his foot, I'll grab the remote when he jumps up. -- Beau, Pippi, & Nika
  • Ok Dad when's our turn, you did remember to get frosty paws didn't you? -- Robert Dunn
  • "Ok, on the count of three! You distract him while I make a jump for it!" -- C.L.A
  • Forty nine, fifty, fifty one .... What a workout his hand is getting! -- julesthert
  • A little known fact: Beagle communion takes place on Friday mornings. -- Hunter & Leo
  • Phillip savors his evening bowl of Kibbles 'n' Bits. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Clayton and Spenser rue the fact that ice cream has no bones. -- Meg Gooddog
  • softly - softly - catchy cheerio -- maggie moo's mum
  • Misunderstanding Socrates' last words, his canine friends eagerly await a chicken dinner. -- Trixie's Mom
  • When daddy isn't looking's sayonara -- Lisa Shirk
  • I adore you...I mean your ice cream!! -- Bennie's Mom
  • The Kramer soup kitchen is missing one member. -- kcbeagle
  • Dad ...... we know you mean to share with us........ -- Tim Marx
  • Keep it up...we are wearing him down...the ice cream is ours!!! -- Jake in Dallas
  • I really don't understand why humans put milk on that good food? -- Julie
  • Praying for the ability to master the fine art of telekinesis... -- amiejade
  • Is that rabbit stew I smell.... -- Chris C.
  • This week it's a double feature at the Drive-In..."Watching Dad Eat" & "Where's our Share?" -- Scooby's Mom
  • where's our dinner dad !! -- wez
  • C'mon dad, just one lick!? -- mitsretlow
  • Five minutes until the "Crumb Sniffer" brigade moves into action! -- Gracie Butler's mom
  • I think it is chicken noodle Soup! -- DoWeCheatumAndHow
  • The pudding he had waited for all day, was not to be his much longer.... -- Heather FaerieStar
  • Maybe if we stare hard enough he'll drop something. -- B.C. Lee
  • Ever mindful of the environment, the beagles forgo TV to watch ice cream eating -- Simon
  • The Clayton/Spenser Staring Machine can be yours, if the Price is Right! -- BeagleFiend
  • The judges consider the latest applicant for a spot on "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy" -- Beau, Pippi, and Nika
  • Dad's eating and we're not. SOMETHING is VERY WRONG with this PICTURE! -- Bobbie
  • You gonna finish that? -- Nancy B
  • Scooter's covert procurement plan forgoes single portions in favor of bulk storage incursions. -- Jody Rich
  • Silly beagles, Trix are for kids. -- Jody Rich
  • Keep staring at him . . . break his concentration . . . make him drop the food . . . -- Benny's Mom
  • If you stare long enough, eventually you'll get what you want. -- liz
  • Hey Clayton! This is the best show ever! -- beaglegirl
  • Please!! -- beaglelova
  • Its been so long!! breakfast was two minutes ago! -- beagleinsanity
  • "You got "Last Lick" last time." ... "Did not." ... "Did too." ... "Uh uh" ... "Yeah huh." "Uh uh." -- Dixie's Aunt Vic
  • Hey Spenser, I don't think he's buying the cute and hungry face, time for plan B...tricks! -- chloethebeagle
  • The boys plot revenge against Dad for eating the last of the Hormel Chilli. -- Scooby's Mom
  • The boys attempt to do the Beagle Mind Meld on Phillip, perhaps for food! -- Julie's kids
  • just think.... thousands of beagles across america doing the same thing right now! -- homer
  • "Pleeeeease!?" -- Denise W.
  • We Looove You !!! -- Randi
  • "Oh sure..they can eat from OUR bowls, but just put a paw on THEIR table!" -- Neil
  • Eating too much ice cream creates vision troubles. -- Wondicky in Tokyo
  • "He NEVER shares his frozen rabbit treats with us" -- Carolyn -Plainview Nebraska
  • They'll have to steal 10 bowls of Wheaties to get all the vitamins in a mooched bowl of Total -- K Spivey
  • I'll flip you for who licks the bowl. -- eric lange
  • Hey Spense, do you suppose Purina makes chicken noodle soup? -- eric lange
  • Pleeeaaassse! -- Kathy
  • Just hand it over and nobody gets hurt. -- Melissa
  • His smug mug makes them wish for the dish. They won't go away, but he keeps them at BAY. -- Bev Clarke
  • I'm Going to win the staring contest!! -- Julianne
  • "Hey Spense, that could be the super bowl we keep hearing about." -- Randy N.
  • Dr. Kramer begins to practice hypnoaromatherapy. -- Maggie M.
  • We only have to occupy him a little longer, keep eye contact... -- James
  • Cue the Godfather soundtrack in 3...2...1... -- Jen
  • I bet what he's eating smells better than his feet! -- Mary Strawn
  • Put the spoon down and nobody gets hurt... -- Libby and Emily
  • Phillip slowly realizes that the "Beagle Mind Meld" always wins -- Rosco's mom
  • Phillip is busted eating Scooby Snacks! -- Rosco's mom
  • "I guess Mom never taught HIM to share, huh?" -- Deb Uden
  • "I'm still not sure that was the right place for that picture over the TV" -- Mark, Gibson, & Chiquita
  • 'Anticipation.' A good dad teaches the beagles patience. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • gimme some! gimme some! please please! -- sandi