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July 26, 2002

I cannot contain this howl much longer.

Congratulations to KimK,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Marilyn and Chaos for:

    As the group played the "Dinner Dish Sonata" Spenser patiently awaited his cue.

The other captions:

  • "If they need a quartet, I'm ready!" -- Caron, Drew & Virginia
  • And now for something completely different... -- Monty Beagle
  • Spenser ate his sheet music, so he's not sure when to begin his solo aria. -- Meg R.
  • Ok ladies, let's show them what we've got. -- Emmitt's Aunt
  • If they'd just hush, I could hear the squirrels! -- Donna Wenner
  • I hope that pretty little red-head beagle won't think my approach is too much. -- SidneyRoo Crowder
  • Ok, boys, here she comes. Cue the doves! -- Miss Lillian Crowder
  • The soloist concentrates on his breathing as he awaits his cue. -- Dawn Eng
  • I'm counting rests (1 - 2); when do I come in? (3 - 4); OK Now -- A-ROOOOOOO -- Truman's mom
  • Music soothes the "savage beast" -- Bob Brown
  • The PBS Summer concert series presents...An Ode To Beagles -- Sammie Beagle
  • Vivaldi's Summer in B-eagle Minor -- KK
  • "Music Soothes the Soul of the Savage Spenser" -- Henry the Wonder Beagle
  • "Music hath charms to soothe the savage ... beagle?" -- Janis Detloff
  • First chair in the "Woofwinds" section -- Janis Detloff
  • Unable to read music, Spenser relies on the conductor for his cues -- Janis Detloff
  • Soloist Spenser waits patiently for his cue. -- Becky F.
  • Staring at the "Milkbone" the conductor uses as a baton, the "Barker" misses his cue... -- Alex Maitre
  • The fourth member of the quartet awaits the arrival of his viola. -- Casey Gooddog
  • "Lord, keep me from baying. Do you hear me, Lord?" -- Meg Gooddog
  • no! I heard that 'F' sharp! -- stacey
  • Don't worry you'll catch on the the beagle sonota in's a tough piece. -- Amy and Roxy the Rock n Roll beagle.
  • Soothing the savage beast.... -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • "Chamber music is my absolute favorite." -- Zoey Gooddog
  • Spenser awaits his cue in the quartet for viola, cello, flute and beagle. -- Tim Sousa
  • The world premiere of Debussy's little-known "Fantasia for Strings, Flute, and Beagle"" -- Chris Oberst
  • Spenser ponders his ability to hit that high C. -- Chris Oberst
  • Music soothes the savage beagle -- Chris Oberst
  • "Boccherini was always my favorite." -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • I will be so embarrassed if I come in on the wrong beat! -- Carleton
  • Spenser performs, even though Clayton forgot to pick up his gown from the cleaners. -- Julia and Moose
  • As the musicians played Spenser patiently waited for Laurie to bring him his birthday Roast Beef. -- Marilyn and Chaos
  • Awaiting his cue to begin singing is the Soprano Spenser -- Melissa
  • The Musical Quartet, the Violin, the Cello, the Flute and the Beagle! What a group! -- Sophie and Adam the Beagle Burns!
  • Castrato Spenser has a beautiful soprano voice. -- Julia and Moose
  • Pavapoochi prepares to enchant his audience. ARROOOOOOOO. -- Cara
  • Chamber Music in the Afternoon, conducted by Saint Spenser in the Field -- lucy beagle and lynda
  • through the wonders of digital FX photography, Sir Spenser will now conduct this evening's concert -- max and terri beagle
  • I love the violin. -- Howard Knoebel
  • O.K. Who stole my drums? -- Lynne
  • "Why don't they play 'Boogie Woogie Beagle Boy From Company C'?" -- Meg Gooddog
  • The recital of the Aroo Quartet -- Virginia Michaels and Lady Beagle
  • Mr. Kramer, the noted baritone, awaiting his cue -- Sarah Rosenberg
  • GreyPoupon anyone? -- D. Philp
  • As a first step in seducing Matisse, Spenser presents "Music al Fresco". -- Meg R.
  • Spenser, backed by a string trio, prepares to sing "Night and Day" -- Lady, Kiki & Abby
  • Allegro con beagle -- Karen Spivey
  • It is about time the caterer showed up!! -- Melody and Emma
  • a hush descends, the vocal soloist pauses for a second AROOOOOOOOO -- beagles 3
  • Spenser's Daydream is to play with the Boston Pups -- Wedgie-doodles
  • We could be a quartet but not if I have to wear a skirt! -- Kathleen Rosenberg
  • The Jersey Baroque Trio with their booking agent -- Ronnie Rosenberg
  • "Oh God. I swallowed my tuba!" -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
  • Music may have "charms", but Spenser only plays for cookies. -- Rosalie
  • do re me fa so la ti doooooooooooooooooooooo -- Karen Florio
  • You can take the Beagle out of the City---But you can't take the City out of the Beagle -- Rosco's Mom
  • With his ear for music, Spenser leads the Chamber Society in a rousing rendition of that perennial favorite spiritual, "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog". -- Shirley Ujest
  • I'll sing so long as they don't make me wear one of those outfits -- Martin Rosenberg
  • Tomorrow I get to sing with a Klezmer band. Don't you just love weddings. -- Ronnie Rosenberg
  • Spenser, beagle virtuoso, awaits the arrival of his trumpet and his music stand. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Spenser waits patiently for the refrain and his big AROOOOOOOOOO! -- Meg Az.
  • It's like puppies crying -- Howard & Molly
  • "Now was I supposed to come in on measure 46 or 48?" -- TjL
  • To impose or superimpose; that is the question. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • poor dog -- julia
  • Spenser feels transported to some heavenly place where he can hear a trio of angels. -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • Next up: Strauss's Arooo Danube Waltz. -- Lelak