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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

July 5, 2002

"The least they could have done was include me in their garage sale...."

Congratulations to Meg Gooddog,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was sammy, zoey and romeo for:

    Clayton's motto:"take the time to stop and piddle on the Roses", gets him in deep fertilizer...

The other captions:

  • Garden and Pest-Control Equipment -- Dawn Eng
  • The cutest garbage man in the world! -- Melissa
  • Hey, Phillip, can you barrow me that cute beagle for a few days? -- molly beagle eng
  • This is not exactly what I had in mind for my afternoon siesta. -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Exhausted from the late fireworks, Clayton desperately waits for his coffee to kick in. -- Cara
  • Clayton vows never to drink that much water on a worknight again, holiday or not. -- rusty blue eng
  • I think this is a good hiding spot -- Lauren Wells
  • "I shouldda been wearing my seatbelt." -- Casey Gooddog
  • "I'm too young to be disposed of this ignominiously!" -- Zoey Gooddog
  • The poor handyman, tired after such a hard day's work, decides to throw in the towel, er, beagle. -- SnoopyLou and Trixie and Adam the Beagle Burns
  • "Don't do this! I promise to be good!" -- Meg Beagle
  • Another beagle comes to an untimely end.... -- Phoebe Beagle
  • Sad -- somebody threw away a perfectly good beagle. -- Meg Beagle
  • Upset about the insider trading scandal, Scooter adopts an anti-Martha Stewart personna. -- Nancy
  • How did it ever come to this? -- kllightcap
  • ...this junk brings tears to my eyes... -- sue
  • "...Sunday came and trashed me out again..." -- Drew, Caron, Virginia, and Billy Joel
  • Beagle awaiting recycling. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • I think this is a good hiding spot -- lauren Wells I better win!!!
  • auditions now open for lead actor in "The Velveteen Beagle" -- lucy beagle
  • You haul sixteen tons and what do you get? -- Sir John
  • "What have I done now?" -- Jasmine's sidekick
  • Down in the Dumps Again!!! -- David Cressman
  • Oops, George, look like there was a hound in that barrow full of tarp. -- lelak
  • Clayton really doesn't understand the appeal of "dumpster diving". -- Meg R.
  • Last thing I remember was drinking out of my water bowl. What was in that water? -- Buster Beagle
  • Who says I'm trailer trash.... -- Annie Golding
  • I know my ball is in here somewhere! -- D. Philp
  • Im just hanging out!!!!! -- craig douglas
  • O man, why did they have to wake me up this early?? -- Britt
  • I thought you said I could take my pick of the trash, not be part of it. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo--'beagle brain'!
  • This Stinks..... I mean it REALLY stinks in here -- Dan