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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

July 20, 2001

Your attention please! All overhead storage bins are full.
Excess beagles will need to be checked!

Congratulations to Barb Shaw, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Casey Gooddog for:
    "I thought the title was 'CAT on a Hot Tin Roof.'"

The other captions:

  • Beagle Bunk Beads -- Jay Ranck
  • Shhh. Just two more steps and I can POUNCE on him! -- SidneyRoo Crowder
  • Beware the elusive and cunning Ninja Beagle -- Lisa C.
  • Scooter, you be the Crouching Tiger. I'm the Hidden Dragon! -- Lisa C.
  • 'Till you get it together with your housetraining, I'm taking the top bunk! -- molly beagle eng
  • The Beagle aristocracy anoints Scooter to "lowest char". -- Gavin Muhlberger
  • Mom's new version of Bunk Beds -- Rebecca
  • Sorry kid, I got dibs on the top bunk. -- Elaine Taillon
  • "once again scooter faces his childhood bottom bunk fears" -- chloe's dad
  • All packed up and no place to go. -- Sandy G.
  • It's MY turn for the top bunk -- Meg Az.
  • TRAP RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- BAILEY
  • This can't be good. -- kllightcap
  • Are you sure its my turn to "sleep" in the bottom? -- kllightcap
  • No, Captain Spenser, I am not getting in the Transporter -- Abby and Kiki
  • Stuck at the bottom! Again! -- Cyndi
  • Sepnser sets the trap then waits patiently for Scooter to take the bait. -- sam, zoey and romeo
  • Scooter wonders why he always gets stuck with the bottom bunk. -- Maggie's mom
  • Aren't you supposed to by IN the crate, not ON the crate? -- B
  • I can't believe they finally got us bunk beds!!!! -- Dee and Max
  • Enough with the magic trick. Bring the poodle BACK !!!!!!! -- B Thompson
  • Step to the rear of the bus....plenty of room in the back -- Jenny in Illinois
  • I'll take the top can have the lower one! -- C. Webb
  • Scooter, you get the lower bunk. I have to warn you though, I just had a BIG drink of water! -- KimK
  • Oh no!!! not the crate again!! I never get the pillow on top!! -- Lisa Sousa
  • I am the king of the world!!!!!!!!! -- carolyn
  • "Spenser, it's my turn to play Snoopy!" -- Nena
  • I don't know about these double deckers. I think I'd rather have the top berth. -- D. Philp
  • Hey, you had the top bunk last night! -- Dianne Hanten
  • How come Spenser gets to travel in First Class? -- KathyK
  • The wild jungle beagle prepares to pounce on an unsuspecting passer-by. -- Amy Oberst
  • Claytons fears are realized. He really IS the Invisible Beagle -- Becky F.
  • Beagle bunk beds -- Melissa
  • "Yet - it's true!!! I RULE!! -- Virginia Michaels and Lady Beagle
  • Quit least YOUR bunk has a three walls, a door and a roof! -- Bo
  • Cannibalism is no stranger to the Wild Beagles of the Serengeti... -- Bo
  • Alright, Mugsy, back into your cell! The Warden called for a lockup... -- Bo
  • "And now, my lovely assistant Maxine will enter the 'Crate of the Disappearing Beagle' and... " -- Bo
  • ...and then lovely assistant will appear in the box! -- Carrie Beagle
  • "Roger that, Red Leader...we have a bogie at 5 o'clock....we're locked on and tracking..." -- Bo
  • "I am the ruler of all I there, into the kennel with you!" -- bob
  • "I've heard of waking up on the wrong side of the bed...but that's ridiculous!" -- Beagle Boy
  • After the cyclone, Dorothy finds that her house has crushed the Wicked Witch of the West. -- Julia and Moose
  • Just a little closer... closer -- Michelle Mikesh
  • all i said was hocus pocus and spenser lifted the drape then poof Clayton was gone. -- buster (stud beagle of NJ)
  • There's no movie tonight because the projectionist didn't show up. -- Lady Beagle
  • Now listen, pilgrim, this carrier ain't big enough for the both of us! -- Peggy M & Abby
  • Scooter arrives late to find that the penthouse is taken, and he gets the basement. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Scootie wonders if David Copperfield has just been there. -- Zoey Gooddog
  • Scooter can only envy Spenser's 2001 Jaguar Sports Crate, complete with rooftop bed rack -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
  • "Which way did he go..which way did he go!!" -- Duchess
  • I think there would be treats if we were inside. -- Howard Knoebel
  • Uh oh, looks like another trap to trick me into going to the vet! -- Dog Lover
  • "You see, Scooter, Tri-colors travel in style." -- Curtis the beagle
  • Day 1 at Camp Kramer: Scooter wonders if his bunkmate wets the bed. -- K Spivey
  • Scooter, It's you're turn to ride in the crate. It's my turn to ride on top. -- Tim Sousa
  • Spenser, I have news for you. You aren't Snoopy, and that isn't a doghouse.
  • ladies first!
  • Time to go to bed!!!!! -- Frank D.
  • Ahoy, Matees... Starboard Beagles! -- Wrigley
  • To use seat cushion as a floatation device...remove from crate....... -- Mary H
  • I wanna get away..I wanna fly away, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! -- Lenny Kravitz
  • The top bunk is mine, and thats final. -- Fred & Sammy Jo
  • Time out for Spenser at the Gulag. -- Cheryl & Sammy Jo
  • This is carrying "TOP DOG" a little too far! -- N. Gray
  • I am the king of the moutain, and you are the slave!!! -- Leah Sander
  • New magic trick: Scooter makes Clayton "disappear" from a latched kennel -- Dave Dwyer
  • I think this *proves* I am top dog around here, Scooter! -- MollyBelle
  • I am KING of Kennel Hill!!! -- Graham Schreiner
  • Stay away from my bed! -- Tina
  • I aint goin' in there,its another trip to the vet! -- Mark and Tina
  • beagle bunk beds -- cherim