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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

July 27, 2000

In an effort to save money (to pay for the new siding), Laurie installs economy wipers on her car.

Congratulations to John H., winners of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Julia & Moose for:
   Scooter's escape attempt is foiled when he accidentally locks the keys in the car

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    Scooter picked up a bad habit in the big city...Meet "Squeegee Beagle"

The other captions:

  • After watching Jurassic Park for the 10th time, Scooter tries his T-Rex imitation. -- Angela D.
  • Mom and Dad you can't leave without me! -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • Mom, I can't find my tennis ball. -- Dawn Eng
  • Yes, I do windows -- Hobbes
  • Beagle Patrol! Come out with your hands up! -- T. Hicks Syron
  • No one is going anywhere until the siding is done!!!!!!!!!!! -- Kellie Lightcap
  • "It's nice, but I'd still prefer a tank." -- Dauber
  • I know there's a pizza in there, give it up! -- C. Greene
  • Scooter misinterprets the "Going for a Ride" concept -- Meg Az.
  • How did that bug get so flat? -- Cara
  • Either I come, or you stay home! -- Sandy G.
  • Beagle road rage. Not a pretty sight. -- J. Syron
  • Oops I locked the keys in the car again ! --
  • No Scooter. I said, get IN the car. Innnn the car. -- Dan
  • Excuse me? You're going where? I don't think I was consulted on this!!!! -- deanna apperley
  • The all new BEAGLE car security system. Sleep better knowing your vehicle is under 24 hour watch. -- deanna apperley
  • "Aha, I've finally caught one. Now what do I do with it?" -- D. Philp
  • Hey Clayton...Spenser, I found the treat stash. Come help me get it !!!! -- Julie Swanson
  • Don't even think about leaving without me! -- Kary
  • Hold it right there!  -- Claudine
  • Give me a Snack and no one gets hurt! -- Kellie Lightcap
  • No one is going anywhere until the siding is done!......(response) For God sake Scooter I'm a Doctor not a sider! -- klightcap
  • Go ahead Clayton, just turn the key and Spenser just push the pedal  --
  • If they ask I will just say they are Spenser's paw prints! --
  • Lets see, vets tomorrow! Where can that battery wire be to cut --
  • Look at me! I'm a cat! -- Erica Garcia
  • Batman! Is that you?? -- bubba
  • Faster than a speeding to leap small cars in a single bound...IT'S SUPER BEAGLE!! -- bubba
  • The big hit at the auto show was the all new beagle hood ornament -- Carrie beagle
  • Sit Cujo, Sit! -- Ira
  • (singing) "Well she got her Daddy's car and she cruised to the hamberger stand now...." -- Buckey
  • Scooter tried to exact revenge on DMV after failing the driver's test -- Ira
  • Scooter searches EVERYWHERE for Captain Siding. -- Mark
  • Seeking an adrenaline rush, Scooter tries the latest teen fad - "hood surfing". -- phil
  • You're taking him for a ride and not me? -- Fonda
  • Show me your license and registration! -- Martha
  • Hurry Up Clayton!!! I can only hold her off for a few more minutes!!! -- Kristen & Hunter
  • Beagle Road Rage! -- becki
  • OK, I caught it, now what do I do with it? -- Becky
  • I wonder if they brought home any hamburger meat! -- Lesley Dannelley
  • Beagle Hood Ornament -- T. Hicks Syron
  • May I see your license and registration please? -- Judy
  • Pizza! You got pizza in there? -- Baron Maximillion von Spelt
  • Beagle Road Rage! -- becki, she-beagle, queen of the universe
  • Hey Lady, wash your windshield for a quarter! -- Herbie
  • It's my turn to drive! -- Fred Heifert
  • Hey! Don't forget me! -- Debi Woods
  • Don't leave me I love you. I didn't mean to sleep with that Pekinese!!! -- Megz
  • Would you like your back window washed also? -- Barbara L
  • Please! don't go!! -- Kayo@Japan
  • Isn't it time to drive to the Petmart already? -- Cheryl Goodwin.
  • Snausage..snausage...snausage and no opposing thumbs -- Otis' Mom