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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter and Sherman: then and now.

January 29, 2010

My bowl isn't big enough for these giant Shredded Wheats.

Congratulations to Graham's Mom
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was Beaglenoses for:

Practice begins for the Limbo event at this year's Beagle Nationals

The other captions:

  • First encounter with the swamp thing. -- Michelle Yanda - Ruby & Maggy too
  • Be vewy vewy qwiet! I'm hunting wabbits!
  • Stanley goes to stealth mode to check out this strange object in his path. -- Bobbie ( Casey & Dexter's mom)
  • Be very very quiet, I'm huntin' putty cats... -- Amber N Eddie
  • "Shhh, I'm twacking a wabbit" -- Chloe's Mom
  • "Don't worry, Dad. I'll save you from the ferocious Mouse!" -- ChristyB - Gigi and Boscoe's Mom
  • Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits -- Patr
  • The evil hay stack. Must be approached with caution. -- carlsca
  • Bail me out Dad, where is it? -- Dan Rousseau
  • "I think I saw a wabbit!" -- Annabelle, Brady, and Calvin Cohen
  • The seldom seen razorback beagle -- The beagle triangle
  • Laurie come quick! Stanley has tracked down that pesky hay bail. -- Tucker Beagle
  • Snif snif... snif snif... Dad... pssst... I think I smell a rabbit! -- Harper & Whisky Girl Beagle
  • vewwwy quite we are hunting wabbbiittsss..... -- maggie mae jackson
  • Farmer Kramer watches closely as the new hunt'n dawg sneaks up on a varmit...looks like good eatin t'nite. -- Rusty Bob Jackson
  • I got it ! I got it! -- Lady & Tramp
  • He promised me a treat if I found that needle. -- Otis Longpaws
  • Stanley's looking baleful..... -- Dylan's Mum
  • Feng Shui abilities at work. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • There is no help like Beagle help. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • Stanley is in hot pursuit of vermin. -- Steve
  • Hay! What's in there?? -- Maggie & Zoey's Mom
  • Timberwolf Mode: It's not just for buffalo kills anymore. -- The Tembo Pack
  • Looking for a needle in a haystack. -- Samantha
  • Hey little critter I know you are in there!!!!!! -- Jed
  • "Run, bunny, run!!!" -- Shiloh Beagle and bunny hunter
  • BOO! -- Oliver's Mommy
  • Practicing his audition scene for "Arrow: Beagle Cop" -- Cody fan
  • Stanley switches to "Stealth Mode" when a suspicious bale of straw makes its move. -- 1-0-1
  • Hey! What's all this hay? -- gitty
  • I will stop the dogs for you!! STOP YOU DOGS!!!! woosh woosh woosh *all rights to disney pixar -- Cate
  • The seldom seen razorback beagle -- The beagle triangle
  • I bet the other slipper is in there! -- Ollie
  • Be vewy vewy qwuiet -- Gunner and Bailey beagles
  • What the hay?? -- Glizzie
  • "We're hunting wabbits!" -- Ron K
  • Why won't this thing play with me??? -- Elvis Hicks-Syron-Beagle
  • Ever vigilant that the perimeter stays secure...Sir would be very proud. -- Paws for Thought
  • Don't panic! Just follow the arrow to the nearest exit. -- Buddy M.
  • Phillip sends Stanley on a search for his glasses, unaware that they are on his head. -- Bentley's Mom
  • Just gonna check this bale out for any hiding Ninjas. -- Snoo
  • Ready or not here I come! 1 2 3 -- Sadie and Rose
  • I taut I taw a waskly wabit! -- 1-0-1
  • I hope you guys have that Skunk Odor Remover ready when I get back. -- Oscar's mom
  • Phillip opens a "Learn how to hunt for Diet Mountain Dew" workshop. -- Scooby's Mom
  • Hey! -- N Wiseman, Brisbane, Australia
  • Stanley: Needle-in-a-haystack-finder -- Freckles' mom