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January 14, 2010

Please cross your fingers and paws for Clayton. He's at the vet and in no immediate danger, but listen to this story. This morning at 5:15 Phillip found Clayton at the bottom of the stairs, standing there like he wanted to go up, but not moving. There was either vomit or poop on the landing and we assume he didn't make it downstairs in time. Poor little guy. He didn't even seem to have the energy to cough. When he turned down food we got ready to leave for the vet, and to be honest I thought it was our last trip there with him. The exam showed nothing so they did x-rays and, lo and behold, there was a large piece of probably aluminum foil in his stomach, with a few smaller pieces working their way out. The emergency vet recommended that we keep him there and when the regular vet arrives mid-morning, she can decide what to do. If it doesn't move, then hopefully they can get it out with a scope into his stomach. If not, I don't know, because we will not subject 16-year old Clayton to major abdominal surgery. I'll post updates here when I know more.

11:30am: Clayton is hanging in there, no change. The internist is going to turn her full attention to him in the early afternoon.

1:45: No news yet.

3:00: Phillip spoke at length with the internist. She wants to do the endoscopy but prefers to wait until a surgeon is there (probably around dinner time?). When Phillip expressed concerns about his age, she said that recovery would probably take only a week or so. But she does think she can get it out via endoscopy. Also, he is walking a little, so that's an improvement. So, no news until the evening at the earliest. I will continue to post. I do not have access to my home email at work, and suspect that many of you have written, for which, as always, I am so very grateful.

7:30pm: Clayton is undergoing surgery to remove several sharp rocks from his stomach. Apparently, some dogs with Cushings develop a syndrome called Pica, which makes them crave "unusual" food. This is definitely new behavior for Clayton. The vet clearly understood our concern about putting him through surgery, but she believes he can recover, perhaps in just a week. I will probably not post again until tomorrow. Thank-you everyone for your support.

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