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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter and Sherman: then and now.

January 8, 2010

The bowling trophy goes at this end, the Nobel Peace Prize at the other.

Congratulations to Otislongpaws
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was Sammie & Freckles beagle for:

It is rumored that the Township Building Inspector got his job through "connections" and not by skill.

The other captions:

  • How did I get up here??? -- Sammy & Millie
  • Is this the promised land?? There's no food here! -- Millie & Sammy
  • Real estate scam! I was told the penthouse had an ocean view! -- Miss Millie Moo & Samsam
  • Both of my brothers said, that if I stand here and wait,, the beagle fairy will bring treats..OK I'M waiting ! -- Katie and Charlie beagles Dads In Las Vegas
  • Stanley was surprised to leard that the "Time Out" box is not a fun place -- 1-0-1
  • Shelving the idea of yet another beagle takes on a whole new dimension. -- ChristyB - Gigi and Boscoe's Mom
  • It's a Beagle Trophy -- Tinkerbell's Mama
  • Phillip, we need to discuss the joint here, its not looking even. -- Kellie Lightcap
  • Stanley: The Trophy Beagle -- Cassie and Tess
  • The Kramers become very serious about Time Outs -- David
  • Now that's what I call a square corner! -- Jay Ranck
  • This penthouse apartment is really open and nice. -- tricolor dog
  • Very funny, guys, but that lady doesn't keep extra treats up here. Now get me down. -- Baci's mom
  • Stanley admiring the cabinetry. -- Steve
  • Stanley the Beagle vision!!!!!!!!!! -- Jed
  • I must have been a very BADDDDDDD boy to wake up here.... -- Junebug's Mom
  • Cabinet inspector #5 sniffs out a problem with the corner joint! -- 3 beagles in a bed!!!!! - Abilene Texas
  • 3 Dimensional Beagle Art -- Lucy M. Beagle
  • hmmm - I think I took a wrong turn -- Fanniemae's Mom
  • Trying to find the kitchen, Stanley takes a wrong turn. -- Fanniemae's Mom
  • Clayton and Sherman's 'new guy' pranks ("Really, there's food through there")get a little out of hand -- Shiloh's mom in VA
  • work is temporarily suspended for the imspector... -- Phil S.
  • Preparing for more Beagles, Kramer Kanine Konstruction tests out a new loft-crate design -- Char
  • Cabinet secured - check, Beagle inspection - check.... -- Wally the Beagle's mom in AZ
  • Maybe a little more sanding here... -- Lady & Tramp
  • Inspector Stanley gives the "All Clear" for all overhead luggage compartments. -- Sheltie Shane's Mom
  • Hello nice to meet you I am Stanley in Phillip Kramer's cabinet. -- Jed
  • Dude, you missed a couple. Pass me that wood putty and I'll fix 'em up. -- Moose and Squirrel
  • Trophy Beagle -- BHS
  • I see the Inspector has arrived. -- Bev
  • Help, I jumped up here but I am afraid to jump down. -- samantha
  • Inspector Stanley on the Job!! -- Rebecca
  • The Stanley Works, the finest in wood working tools -- Marilyn and Chaos
  • There was food on this piece of wood, I just know it! -- Gunner and Bailey Beagles
  • And who said that I would be just another brick in the wall ! --
  • Did I see a squirrel?
  • More entertaining than the Sony 52' -- amiejade
  • Dogs Who Stare at Plywood -- marikay
  • ...and this is ur trophy cabinet ......that one was for best kitchen helpers -- Tucker's mommy
  • Stanley won't find me up here -- so I'm safe from being humped....for now.
  • Well made, good smell, nice lines. Beagle tested and approved! -- Boomer and Notch
  • The latest in designer decor! -- Gloria Satterfield
  • And you thought only cats like to climb up high! -- Sue, Rudy & Cooper
  • Can "someone" help me find a way down -- dick sherman
  • I'm just so relieved there was no caption contest last week! ;- ) -- Paws for Thought
  • Don't have a level? Try the new wag-o-meter for your renovations! -- Ike's sister
  • Mom, how many more minutes do I have to stay in timeout for bugging Sherman? -- Rusty Man's Mommy
  • I should have known there is no such thing as the northwest passage. -- Sparkle is my dog.
  • Where is the door? -- Mark Schenkman
  • Should I ask for directions? Naw! -- Karen S.
  • Stanley assumes a cabinet position as Secretary of Snacks -- Glizzie
  • How come I'm the one standing in the corner? I'm not the one who posted that picture on New Year's Day. -- NikkiGirl's Mommy
  • Beagles get in the darndest places -- Rosco
  • "Mother Hubbard wasn't kidding!" -- Ron K
  • Beagle Naughty Step -- Maggie Moo's Mum
  • Mitered Corners, Check, Dovetailing, Check.... Quality Assurance. Verified!
  • Building Inspector Stanley makes sure Phillips' work is up to snuff. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • The apprentice for Kramer's Kustom Kabinets inspects Phillips' joinery. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • Deluxe the skyyyyy. -- Snoo
  • Is there a down button? -- Sadie and Rose
  • Presenting "Off the floor Beagle storage solutions" by Phillip Kramer, Cabinet maker -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • I like the hardwood floors, but the view leaves something to be desired. -- Sami's mom
  • Stanley quickly realizes that the walnut finish on these cabinets tastes nothing like walnuts. -- Biscuit's Mom
  • excuse sir it's a bit off -- bluzmom
  • And they said you couldn't get from here to there...... -- mollybelle
  • Am I still in Jersey?? -- mollybelle
  • Now, what in the hell am I suppose to do? -- Bobbie ( Casey & Dexter's mom)
  • Sherman come quick! We need another bookend.... -- Scout and Scott
  • There's an App for that! -- Scoutie Bug
  • Stanley demonstrates his "show" pose. -- Cate