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January 20, 2009

I'd hoped to do a prepare a festive Inauguration DD last night but we ended up at the vet instead. Nothing serious, just a little setback. When we got home from work yesterday Spenser wasn't putting any weight on his leg. Phillip began to remove the bandage to take a look, but quickly realized this was a job for the vet. Fortunately our vet has gone 24 hours, and they took us right away. They removed the bandage and there was some significant edema, including his paw. They had to remove the surrounding tissue with the tumor and with not much skin left to work with, it had to be pulled tight to sew it up. So it is acting like a tourniquet on his leg. Poor guy has to wear his collar, which very effectively prevents him from licking the wound. I'm staying home with him today.

We're all going to hang out and watch the inauguration, which I know will cheer us up!!