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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

January 26, 2007

Oh bane of doggie portals,
Happy to be free!

Congratulations to cheri,
winner of the special Scooter haiku caption contest!

This week's runner-up was 1-0-1 for:

      Life gives us lemons,
      Lemonade can be made sweet.
      Drink life to your fill.

The other haikus:
Scooter, we love you
Hope you get better fast, dude
And be a good boy
--Dave Minard & Brady
Whatever it takes
I will wear the lamp shade too
Healthy I will be
--Sammie Beagle
Oh, the plastic cone
My protector yet my foe
I will not miss you
no more stupid tube
i can now eat real food
yum yum life is good
--Rusty's Dad
Oh! To have that off!!
I am feeling better now.
Please feed me cookies!
--Kate and Kramer (yah! Scooter!)
Hate that stupid cone
I'll put it to better use
Life of the party
--Tri-colored Scootie Fans
Scootie the beauty
Elizabethan hat gone
Time to eat again!
This winter morning;
the cone head I stare into
anew journey awaits.
--Michelle and Maggy Yanda
Comfy, leather couch
Tri covered in hound dog hair
The joy of Beagles
--Baltimore Beagles
Hate it! I hate it!
It bugged me not to bite it!
Prob'ly tastes bad though.
--friend o' beags
Great the cone is off
I don't feel silly like a
Big satellite dish!
--Scooby's Mom, Saskatoon, Sk, Canada
Scoot conehead no more
Scoot no more food a la tube
Hugs for Scootie Pie!
--Harper, aka, Whisky Girl's "Mom"
I hate this lampshade.
I am glad it's off my head.
I can eat again!
--Gandolf and Kramer
Annoying Lamp Shade
Go away do not return
I am eating now
--Rosco's Mom
Scooter you are loved
Please get well again and soon
You are in our prayers
--Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
Cone of chemo thing
Prevent me from ear scratching
I have conquered you
--Susan Kilcommons, Nikki & Esmee
O' limiting cone
You hinder my daily fun
Be gone before me
--Laura Gray
Conehead jokes no more
Scooter regains dignity
Extra lampshade now
--Beagle friends Lucy and Shay
Need not thy stinkin' collar.
--Joie de Beagle
Clear cone on brown couch
No longer on Scooter's neck
--Dixie's Aunt Vic
Cone of torture gone
Feeding tube out of nose too
Scooter will be well!
--Dixie's Aunt Vic
Cancer I will beat
Solid food now I can eat
Help fatten me up
--Chester and Diana Beagle
Twas once on my head
This unusual device
I gaze upon it
I wonder if I
Give this thing a Beagle stare
It will disappear.
Truely transparent
Elizabethan collars
Are NOT for Beagles!
As I stare at this
I really do know how much
They really love me.
Beagle on Sofa
Space helmet on the Blanket
Will meet in the stars
--Wondicky in Tokyo
Cone of torture off
Staring Scooter tries in vain...
Transform to Greenie!
--Dixie's Aunt Vic
i would not object
if only this object could
make cappuccino
--Tu's mom
Collar no more. I will make
You into food dish.
--Raffie and Cressie
Take THAT you old hat.
I no longer need you now
I beat your illness!
--Kramer and Gandolf
the cone sits in front
my enemy it is here
oh horrid cone you
--Eric J.
Just what WAS that thing?
Wearing it was SUCH a pain!
Throw it in the trash!
--Benny's Mom in Wisconsin
I seem very sad.
My whole world is gone awry.
Food, please do appear.
--Judy S.
Scootie patootie
Discards his coller with pride
Dinner time is near
Begone, feeding tube!
And you, meddlesome collar!
I eat on my own.
--Proud of Scooter
o my gosh its off
i cant believe its off
wow its really off
I hate feeding tubes.
Feeding tubes suck big time, but
I suck to get well.
--Zoey & Phoebe Gooddog
O tube and collar
Begone! From now on I snarf
Real food from a bowl.
let me see how I
can this around the vets neck
so I will laugh last
--Tu's mom