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January 23, 2004

Can someone direct me to the express check-out?

Congratulations to Scooby's Dad,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Drew, Caron, and Virginia for

    Spenser awaits the announcement "Cleanup in aisle 5"

The other captions:

  • I think we'll need a bigger grocery cart!!! -- Matt T.
  • Hey!! We're not done shopping yet!!! I think we can squeeze in at least 2 more boxes in our cart!! -- Cozy's mom
  • Meals on wheels! Yeah! -- 1-0-1
  • You said I could have ONE treat! -- 1-0-1
  • I'm sorry Mr. Storeman I don't have money.. Can I have the free ones? -- Rosalie
  • Buy this exciting product and save on biscuits and dentist visits -- KK
  • Items in the basket: 1. Lick box to continue to checkout. -- rusty blue eng
  • It's amazing how everyone disappears when its time to unload the carriage -- Cheryl Smith
  • Cute cart, now where's the real one ! -- kllightcap
  • I think these are past their expiration date... -- Rhomylly and Herman
  • Have I not outgrown the "kiddy cart" yet? -- Emmitt and Sammi's Mom
  • The Tartars are coming, the Tartars are coming -- beagle boy
  • I think I might need a 25% bigger shopping cart -- Indy's mom
  • I'm going to need a bigger cart for my food..can I get some help pushing this? -- Lady & Tramp Beagle-Catania
  • Always the informed consumer, Spenser checks for biscuit freshness. -- Millie's Dad
  • Mom, it IS the blue light special....honest! -- Nichole Garmon
  • Bargain hunter Spenser bags a great buy! -- Becky - beaglemom
  • Mr. Grocer...are these fresh? -- Amy and Roxy Beagle too.
  • OK, who let the beagle into Leprechaun-Pets R Us? -- Scrappy, Maggie, and Billy Budd's mom
  • "There. That oughta complete the list" -- Kramer Beagle
  • Spenser sure knows a bargain... "25% more FREE ... PLUS that coupon for .50 cents off!" -- Vickie B in Savannah
  • Audi and Bod hanging out -- Mark
  • Health food, check. Now on to the REAL munchies! -- Oliver Ernest
  • One-stop shopping at its finest! -- Gregory Jablynski
  • If only the cart size were actually right.....then OH how big the biscuits!?? -- Angel and Blizzard
  • "I need a bigger shopping cart and a few more boxes of biscuits, please!" -- Melissa
  • Stop Shop and Save -- Nicky
  • Mom! more crest white strips! -- Bonnie Walters
  • Darn my cart is too small. -- Marlina San Miguel
  • How do I get this box open? -- S M Spolter
  • Darn, where's my coupons???? -- C. Siding
  • More is better, right? -- D. Philp
  • Now, if I use the bigger cart, I can get the bigger box... -- Scooby's Mom
  • Spenser wonders if this is too big for the Express Lane -- PJ Beagle
  • But Mom, they are on sale! -- Elizabeth Thomas
  • "Hey, Mom has bought some Dentist-in-a-Box!" -- Meg Gooddog
  • The latest innovation in the Kramer household - beagle-sized shopping cart! -- Zoey Gooddog
  • "Open Sesame!" -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Is this diet food? -- john baritche
  • This is one, gotta check the list..still 7 million to go! -- Steven Jessee
  • I think i'll sneak a little in line.... -- Mr.leo
  • ohhhhhhhh what's that? smells like food to me. -- jen
  • "Why do we have to control the Tartars? What did they ever do to us?" -- Meg Gooddog
  • Paper or Plastic? -- Brian Hanna
  • Please! Please! Please! Puhleezzeee can I? Can I? Can I? -- Gracie Butler's mommy
  • Either the cart has shrunk or there is WAY MORE THAN 25% more free!! -- Beagle Lover
  • Who put the tartar control biscuits in my cart?! -- Sarah
  • I'd rather just eat some cat food... -- Chris
  • Not that I have a tartar problem, mind you... -- Bo, Annie and Maggie
  • shoppin at the treat store -- samantha m. stauring
  • "Well that's all on my list" -- maggidie bagidie
  • But it IS food isn't it? -- Jan
  • Smart consumers want to know the flavor before buying! -- Julie's kids
  • "Hey, mom! Is the food gonna fit in here, too?" -- Beagle mama in MI
  • "They forgot to get the biscuits again. Must I do *all* the shopping myself?" -- Abbey & Mo's Mommy
  • "This isn't nearly a big enough cart for the amount of food I want!" -- Abbey & Mo's Daddy
  • Food! food! food! food! food! food! Can i borrow some fingers please? -- Meg