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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

February 3, 2009

Do you see anything special on the side of the house? Neither do I, but for some reason Spenser likes to stand in this spot and bark. And bark and bark. I am staying with him today, fortunately my job allows me to work at home if I need to. The good news is that his wound is healing very nicely and it shouldn't be too long before the bandage comes off.

My cleaning lady couldn't come on Monday, so her daughter Sarah filled in. Sarah is 16 and has been coming here with her mom for many years. She left this note, it's just the sweetest thing. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Kramer, thanks for letting me clean! Spenser got upstairs and went into the laundry basket in the closet, so I brought down the blanket and sweater [from the basket] and put them in the crate next to the chair. Spensie fell right asleep, so I guess that he missed your scent. Sorry about that. Sincerely, Sarah." Spensie! Guess who's got a new nickname!