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February 29, 2008

"I hope they're picking this up in Schenectady. Try to Arrooo into the microphone."

Congratulations to West San Jose Squirrel Patrol

This week's runner-up was Jasmine's sidekick for:

"Doe, a deer, a female deer..."

The other captions:

  • Once again, the Kramer Trio wows the crowd of American Idol with their rendition of "Hound Dog" ! -- Peanut, Brittle and Mandy's mommy
  • The beagle "not so whisperer" in action -- Sammie & Freckles beagles
  • Vocal exercises before the outting -- carlsca
  • The Call of the Mild! -- Jay Ranck
  • anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you -- beagle bill
  • "Dad, I swear! It WAS a Yeti!", he cried with dread and excitement. -- ChristyB - Gigi and Boscoe's Mom
  • Gettin IN Tune -- K9ster
  • The Alpine Yodeling craze hits New Jersey -- Deb C
  • For his 15 minutes of fame, Phillip sings with The Beagles. -- BHS
  • UNO, shoono ! !!!! BABY!, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE !!! -- BUDDY & DAVE g
  • Tryouts for Kramer's Beagle Choir -- Cobalt & Onyx's Mom
  • The must avoid musical of the year...Man and Beagle Jamboree -- Junebug's mom
  • Not to be outdone the Beagle Philharmonic performs in the snows of North Korea. -- David
  • Choir Master Kramer leads the boys in howling practice -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • The Kramer boys rally the troops. -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • Rehearsals for Broadway Beagles are progressing -- Joan
  • The Call of the Not-So-Wild -- Josie & Jordan
  • Ode to Joy -- Beaglepalooza
  • Clayton and Spenser, first beagles in the Iditarod, watch out all you huskies, the beagles are here. -- Jed
  • We are so happy. La la la la. We are so happyl. Arrrooo Arrrooo Arroooo!!! -- Bennie's mom
  • The Iditarod starts tomorrow and we're ready, arrrrrrrooooooo!!!! -- Jed
  • First a beagles wins at Westminster, now we are the first beagles in the Iditarod. See you in Nome! -- Samantha
  • Clayton and Spenser are ready for the Iditarod. Mush on you beagles!!!!!!! Anchorage to Nome!!!!! -- Samantha
  • Yipee! I think I smell spring!!! -- Sunny's Mom
  • Would someone give him a Mountain Dew and shut him up! -- Scoutie Bug
  • Phil tries to learn the Beagle Song & Dance Routine. -- Lois & Andy B (a master song & dance man)
  • NO! That's no how it goes like this...AAAAAAARRRRHOOOOOOOOOOO! -- Amber and Eddie
  • The newest contestant on "Dancing With The Stars" -- Rebekah Ray
  • Spenser: I don't *do* groups. -- Dawn Eng
  • We roooooos, we snoooze, we sings The Blues - Kramer Family Singers -- molly eng
  • "Outdoor Entertainment" provided free with paid admission... -- Dino's Mom
  • At the neighbors' request the singing lessons were relocated to the woods. -- Marilyn and Chaos
  • Look!!!! It's a UFO!!!! We are going to be Assimulated!!!!!! -- Daisy's Dad
  • To arrooo or not arrooo, that is the question. Well not really, it's always arrooo time. -- Laura (Auntie to Cookie, Dino & Gilbert)
  • Practise for Dancing with the Stars had hit a snags -- maggie moos mum
  • American Idol Presents: Kramers 3 -- Snoo
  • (singing) We're singing in the snow, we're singing in the snow! What a glorious feeling...we're ... -- maggies mommy - abilene texas
  • Clayton and Spenser prepare for the Iditarod. -- Jed
  • Call of the mild -- nancy j
  • Just a little more practice, and you can audition for American Idol! -- Jen in Philly
  • arroo, beagles of london! -- Max's Mom
  • So, this is what the Call of the Wild looks like? -- Jenmo
  • Philip leads the chorus of "When I'm Calling You." -- Trumbo's Mom
  • Now hold that note, like Andrea Bocelli, O.K -- SUNNY FLORES
  • Hey, this is supposed to be MY solo! -- Boomer the Wonder Beagle's Mom
  • "The Hills are alive with the sound of,,,,...." -- Sue
  • Coming to a backyard near you: "Phil and Clayton's Duets", as directed by Spenser Kramer. -- Daisy
  • It's Three Dog Night ! -- Bev W.
  • The vocal styling's of the Kramer Boy's Trio. -- Penny Thornton owner of Billie the wonder beagle.
  • Teaching my person to "arhoo" -- Mopsgang Mom
  • Practicing for the Roo Opera -- Cheryl
  • It's the three tenors! -- Freckles' mom
  • If this is a howling contest I think we know who is gonna win... -- Bri and his Beagle
  • -- K. Spivey
  • Spenser: Pah, you won't catch me doing that! -- Beagle mate
  • Do Ray Me Fa So La Te Do................................... -- Sadie and Rose Beagles
  • aaaaoooooooooo, werewolves of Jersey (apologies to Warren Zevon) -- Best BeagleGirl
  • Philip auditions for the Boys' Town choir. -- Judy S
  • Clayton and Spenser Anchorage bound!!!!!!! -- Jed
  • Clayton and Spenser grow frustrated as they attempt to teach Daddy to sing "Old Man River" -- C Siding
  • Great moments in movie history as the boys reenact "I could have danced all night" --
  • "Dad, help us, please! Help us contact the mothership!" -- Paws for Thought
  • No, this: Aroooo! -- Amy
  • Dances with Beagles -- Jasmine's sidekick
  • Phillip takes singing lessons--Beagle 101. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • "Dancing With the Stars" scores two major celebrities and their coach for next season's competition -- Jasmine's sidekick