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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

February 26, 2008

This was pretty much it for the winter: about 4" of snow last Friday which will likely be gone tomorrow, ushering in the first major mud event of the season. With no '07-'08 snow photos to show for myself, I let the boys out into the driveway, because if I put them into the yard, they would turn around and go back inside. By contrast, the side yard is full of mystery.

Like this tree, redolent of the scent of who knows how many squirrels peeing.

When it was time to go in I called the boys but only Spenser obeyed. Clayton was very busy and it looked like he was burying something. You know the way they put their head down then push the "dirt" forward? I'd seen Clayton do this before, most recently with a greenie in his crate, but had never seen him bury an actual thing. I didn't know what he was up to, but I was cold, had flimsy shoes on, and so I called and called and finally he pulled himself away from his excavation. Twenty-four hours later and the boys are outside helping to unload groceries from my car. When they have completed their chore Spenser goes inside but Clayton heads back to his buried treasure and I, wearing appropriate shoes this time, follow him, only to discover....wait, this is going to be gross! I warned you! It was a dead deer, mostly submerged under the snow, and Clayton was apparently trying to complete its burial. I find it totally fascinating that he is compelled by the same instinct to bury a large dead animal and a small green chew treat. I mean, really, what do they share in common, anything? I was pretty grossed out, but not enough to leave Clayton there so I grabbed him by the collar and angled him towards the house. As soon as we got inside, Phillip says, calm as a clear Caribbean sea, "There's a dead deer out there, did you see it?" So that my friends is the deer story for February and I can only hope that this is not a trend.