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February 22, 2008

The crowd goes wild as Clayton is awarded "Best in Kitchen."

Congratulations to 5 Dogs' Mom

This week's runner-up was Marilyn and Chaos for:

Not ready for Prime Time, but really ready for Prime Rib

The other captions:

  • After one drink too many fir the Kramer boys, the party takes a turn to the bizarre..... -- Sammie & Freckles beagles
  • All beagles are winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Best BeagleGirl
  • Are we going to go for stud fees, too? Boy, is this guy in for a surprise... -- K Spivey
  • Trenton's Public Access Television presents: Cooking with Beagles -- David
  • Clayton "Top Dog" Kramer looks forward to steak at Sardi's -- BHS
  • You can lead a beagle to water, but you can't make him drink -- Rusty's Dad
  • Uno and the Judge .... in 50 years! -- Vickie
  • And the winner of the Family Pet, Husky-sized category is..... -- Bennie's mom
  • ...there better be a really BIG snackie after this shot! -- abilene beagels
  • NOOOO! I don't want to be festive beagle soup! -- ScoutNSadie
  • Zoinks! He's gonna wrap me up and eat me! -- Amber and Eddie the beagle!
  • Meet the Beagle standard? I EXCEED the Beagle standard! so many ways.... -- BeagleHawk
  • Ah the life of a celebrity! I think I'll go take a nap now. -- Gunner and Bailey Beagles
  • How do you like my Westminster Dog Show pose? -- Samantha
  • SECUNDO!!!!! -- Sparky's mom
  • Dos--the Second Best in Breed among beagles at Westminster -- Steve
  • The staff at this spa could use a little more training! -- Lola's Mom
  • See! If you hadn't done "you know what to me" I could have been the first UNO! -- Scoutie Bug
  • Is this the latest form of water torture that I hear about? -- Laura Gray
  • Unlike at Westminster, a beagle wins the New Jersey Hot Dog Eating Contest every year! -- Biscuit's mom
  • "What's all this about ' Best Beagle?' I thought there was food in this bowl!" -- Jasmine's sidekick
  • I'm supposed to play with these grapes, but not eat them? You do know I'm a beagle, right? -- Bonnie & Homer
  • Philip is lost in his dreams of glory. -- J. Syron
  • Best in Bowl -- C Siding
  • Now, to roast a beagle, begin by... -- Michele Krause
  • Dos -- Cheri McWilliams
  • Millstone Kennel Club - Where every beagle wins! (handler looks like he had a few!) -- Bailey n Gypsy's dad
  • Best in Show at the Kramer Dog Show: Clayton! And your trophy is ... a serving bowl! -- Angela
  • Birthday Bath? I'm not up for this surprise! -- k9ster
  • What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is nobody else's business. -- Jody Rich
  • But, I'm not Uno. -- Tricolor dog
  • Those grapes aren't going to stomp themselves! -- Boomer the Wonder Beagle's Mom
  • Aren't you supposed to ask me "Deal or No Deal"? -- Linda
  • Not just Best in Show, but Best in Everything! -- Lily &Gomez, the Adventure Beagles
  • Bobbing for apples - just aint my thing.... -- maggie moos mum
  • You can not fit a thirty pound beagle in a twenty pound bowl -- Bonnie's Beagle Dad
  • Getting the royal foot bowl. Top this, Oscar winners! I am THE winner! -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • If it's a bowl, I'll eat out of it !!!! -- Sue
  • No fair putting paws in water, I'll pee when I have to -- Susan
  • Hey!! Wait! This is the Spa Pedicure Package, right!??! -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • To heck with these formalities. Where is my steak lunch? -- Hank
  • Beagle baptism! -- oldgrandpa
  • What kind of SICK birthday joke are you people trying to pull here!? -- Sabrina (Scooter's Mommy)
  • NO I will NOT cough for you, Doc! -- Sabrina (Scooter's Mommy)
  • Why don't YOU turn your head and cough? -- Sabrina (Scooter's Mommy)
  • Do I get a steak dinner too? -- Freckles' Mom
  • Best In Show! -- Carolyn Campbell
  • It's not exactly the Westminster victory celebration I hoped for! -- Scooter's Mom
  • Best in Chow: Clayton Kramer -- zoey,romeo and buddy
  • First Place :Best Tongue to Lick Huge Ice Cream Bowls:Clayton and his handler,Captain Breyers --
  • You're Uno in our house -- Alec's Dad
  • now this is what i call a celebration (yet you still grab my snout) -- Sam
  • Just wanted to know what it feels like to be "numero" UNO! -- Purplerose
  • Hey Clayton, did you win Westminster or are you just taking a foot bath? -- Sammy beagle
  • All Eyes Turned To The Winning Beagle At The Kraminster Dog Show -- Snoo
  • I don't even what to guess your problem! -- Sadie and Rose Beagles
  • Meet next year's Westminster best in show winner. -- Jed
  • Best in Chow -- Joie de Beagle
  • You're Uno in our house -- Alec's Dad
  • I don't care what the new doctor said, this won't work! -- Rachel
  • Presenting the new Eukanuba winner!!!! -- Rebecca
  • Inspired by Uno's win, Philip starts practicing with his own beagles -- Rebecca