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February 15, 2008

(No caption contest today, but it will return next week.) NPR had a good story the other day about the concern that has been voiced this week in the beagle rescue community as a result of Uno's win at Westminster. There is a strong and very justified concern that beagles could become the dog of choice for new owners who have not researched the breed. A disproportionately high number of beagles end up in rescues and shelters because they're simply not what their owners expected. All of you out there with beagles know that this is a pretty high-maintenance breed, and while they are cute, funny, merry, and totally lovable, they can be quite difficult to live with at times and are not the dog for everyone. Beagles-on-the-Web averages 1200-1800 visits per day. On Monday and Tuesday, that number increased to 2600 and on Wednesday there were over 5400 visitors to the site. So for all of you who are new out there and thinking of adding a beagle to your home, please do your homework. You can start off with this article entitled Considering a Beagle? which I wrote in 2001 when beagles had a surge of popularity after the movie "Cats and Dogs" came out. Click around the Internet and read about beagles, get a good sense of the pros and cons of the breed. Help to reduce the number of beagles in rescues and shelters. Uno will be proud!