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February 7, 2008

The people who built and sold us our house were named Atlas: Mr. and Mrs. Atlas, that's all I can remember. As I have mentioned, they committed many crimes against good taste, such as the shag carpet in the kitchen, the hot tub off the dining room, and, oh yeah, that mansard roof. I have painted just about every wall in this house along with the doors, the windows, ALL the woodwork, and last but not least, the kitchen cabinets, an ordeal I will not bore you with except to say don't try it at home. We called our multi-year renovation effort "de-Atlasing," as in "Phillip, we have GOT to de-Atlas the stairs!" because the stairs were Brady Bunch stairs. Raise your hand if you know what Brady Bunch stairs are.

(See also this architectural view.)

Brady Bunch stairs float, which can be rather disconcerting, never mind ugly, so when we recarpeted we de-Atlased the stairs, though not to my complete satisfaction because the underside is not finished and the ugly metal bannister remains. Hopefully one morning Phillip will wake up and realize he needs to address this. But anyway, that is my story for today, and maybe next week, if you want, I will share with you the Saga of the Kitchen Cabinets.