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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

February 26, 2007

This is definitely quality time for Scooter. As soon as the gate opens onto the woods, the first thing he does is try to attack Clayton, and this day was no different. He came home from the hospital even thinner than before but feeling better. They are not sure that he had pancreatitis after all, but what they do know is that he needs to be on Doxycillin. We are giving him chemo meds at home this week (4 tablets over 4 days) and he has done fairly well. At the recommendation of the vet, I have been buying the Merrick brand of holistic dog food and all the boys enjoy it. We find that Scooter gets full quickly and so we feed him small amounts over the course of the day. Not as easy on the weekdays, but we try our best. This weekend Phillip and I decided to cancel our annual March trip to Jamaica (we have trip insurance, yes we have insurance up the whazoo) both because of Scooter's condition and because of the costs to treat Scooter and now Spenser. You make decisions in life. Several years ago we had to cancel a scuba trip the day before we were scheduled to leave when Clayton came down with a mystery disease which turned out to be an auto-immune meningitis. So it's okay, hopefully we'll go to Jamaica next year. For now, we'll focus on Scooter, Spenser and of course, my guy Clayton.