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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

February 13, 2007

Sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement to get Scooter to eat. The oncologist said that last Thursday's chemo would be tougher on him and would not hit until early this week. He is a little slower and a little more finicky about his food but so far his reaction is not as bad as we'd feared.

For those of you wondering what all this is costing us, it's a lot. To be honest I let Phillip hand over the credit card and I try not to look at the receipts, I'm just so overwhelmed by the whole thing. Fortunately we have had pet insurance on both Scooter and Spenser for several years (they won't cover Clayton due to a rare auto-immune disorder he has). The company we use is VPI pet insurance. Scooter's premium this year, including that all important cancer rider was about $300. I know that for some people the decision to treat a dog with cancer has much to do with the cost and what an awful decision that must be. It's terrible no matter what. Every single day I wonder if we are doing the right thing. If he turns down food, or shivers, or doesn't want to get out of bed, tears come to my eyes. But when he greets me at the door with a toy in his mouth, or presents himself for his evening scritchies, I know we are giving him quality of life. And when I see Phillip down there on the kitchen floor, urging Scooter towards nourishment, I know that we're all in this together.