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February 13, 2004

Pleadingly, I ask
my fav'rite people, Mom, Dad,
brothers, too, be mine.

Congratulations to Judy S.,
winner of the 2004 Valentine haiku contest!

This week's runner-up was Calvin, Stuffed treat gourmet for:

My true love before
me, like a box of sweet treats.
Heavenly stuffing.

The other haikus:

Be my Valentine
See my adorable face
And give me some treats!
barking out my heart
beagle be my valentine
bones and meat for you
--:o) beaglefan
Oh sweet Mom of Mine
Send cookies to me please please
Oh sweet Mom of Mine
--Cheryl Smith
my love is the dog
my heart is completely his
beautiful beagle
--gabriel's mom
This heart is filled
With love and desire and hope
and wonderful bones!!!!
--Daisy's Mom
Snoozing, cuddling
The hard life of a beagle
Love me now always
sweet bag of Iams
I love you above all else
say you will be mine
--Rhomylly and Herman
Silky ears, big heart
Bare tree limbs bend against sky
In here, it's all warm
--Baci's mom
Heart shaped pillow
Woe, no chocolates for me
But yummy stuffing!
--Calvin, stuffed toy destroyer
Buttercup sweet Buttercup
You are my Sunshine
Will you be my Valentine
To ME-ME with Love
Forgive me for bein' late,
Scootie Patootie
--Abbey & Mo
Be mine, Valentine
I will love you forever
*Maybe* more than food
Scooter has a heart
He wants to share it with you
So easy to love
Life with me would be
Filled with sniffs, snacks and snuggles
Be my valentine.
--A beagle in love.
Look into my eyes
This pillow should say it all
Forever be mine
Its Valentines Day
Heart Pillow to unstuff today
Say it with white stuff!
--Virginia Michaels and the Bay Ridge Pack!
Be mine, fuzzy heart!
I seek the squeaker within
Soon you will be shreds
--Brownie Beagle's mom
hello aren't i cute!!!!!!
look at me I'm so pretty
lookin for a girlfriend call me
Scooter longs for love
His heart is on his pillow
He dreams of romance
--Meg Gooddog
My bed is empty
No head is on my pillow
Because I'm neutered
--Meg Gooddog
It's the love beagle
Asking You To Give
Love (and Treats) to him
--Amy and Roxy Beagle
My valentine has left me
I will not wait for her return
Please be mine forever more
--Mark W.
soft chocolate eyes
melt your heart and soul to me
hold key to Beagle lives
Behold! The face of
True love. Never shall you want
For joyful kisses!
--Puck and Loki's Mommy
My dear Valentine,
How I love thee, do you me?
I love you, be mine!!!
--Emily S.
Beagle with heart cushion
Lovely, but I still must ask
Where is the chocolate?
--Julie's kids
Valentine of mine
Oh, the smell of your behind
Will you come and dine?
--Barb Shaw
Alas, my darling--
I'm missing my credentials!
Can't we just be friends?
--Karen Spivey
I love Laurie's shoes.
I love to chew and to snooze.
And I love you, too.
--Gracie Butler's Mommy
Love is in the Air
Can't stop at one Scooter kiss
Take a number please
--zoey jean campbell
There should be chocolate
Inside this pillow, but no!
Just polyester
--Phoebe Gooddog
Nobody's coming.
My pillow should have said, "Please,"
But my Mom forgot.
--Zoey Gooddog
Valentine is here.
Chocolate is bad for me,
I'll have poop instead
I love all beagles
they are so loving and nice
take good care of them
Oh, would you be mine?
I will share my milkbones with you
and shower you with toys.
My name is Scooter
I would like you to be mine
If you will give treats.
--Mo & Abbey's Mommy
Pillows are so nice
Soft with love and beagle warmth
Where's the food? Huh? Huh?
--The Flaming Wombat
Be My Valentine
Love is in the air today
Please won't you be mine.
--Beagle Lover
Love sweet, drooling cuddle bug
Beagle love is best
--Caron, Drew & VA
cute little brown face
Staring at me right now
On Valentine's Day
--mary beth
A lady killer,
that's me, so why am I here
Alone on this day?
--Zoey Gooddog
i love you alot
i love you so much for ever
i love you alot
--billy bob joe thorten
it's a valentine from you
to me and we will share it
till earth we depart
--mary davis
A Magic Black Box:
Eager Paw Pressing Buttons,
Be Mine Sweet TiVo.
--Prada's Evil Clone
Romantic Scooter:
Pillow Stuffing Tastes So Good,
A Bed Made With Love.
On This Holiday
Will My Treats Taste Of Sweetness?
In My Loving Mouth?
--Prada's Daddy
cute and cuddly friend
you are always there for us
loving to the end
--Pete Smiddy
Clayton and Spenser
Sitting pretty in a tree
Dreaming Happily.
--Dixie Darlin'
sweet, funny great dog
sniffing and searching for things
you make life better
--Pete Smiddy
sleep on pillow , sure;
chew on pillow , probably;
treats in pillow: sigh.