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February 14, 2003

i celebrate love:
your eyes, bright above the bowl,
deer poop on fresh snow.

Congratulations to molly eng,
winner of the 2003 Valentine haiku contest!

This week's runner-up was Judy S. for:

For my Mommy-Mom
I prune in the neighbor's yard.
Sweet Valentine rose.

The other haikus:

Lover Boy Beagle
I am the most beautiful
Now give me cookies
-- Rascal the Greyhound, Sonny and Squirt the skippypees
Roses are reddish
Beagles have black and brown spots
I love my dog lots
-- B Brown
i love them so much
that i can't live without them
God bless the chew toys!
-- Girly Beagle
Happy Valentine's Day
From "CHIP"
-- Grandma and Grandpa
Flowers are lovely
How can I eat 'round the thorns
Bring me treats instead
-- Paul Cushing
Rose and Beagle
BASHO never imagine
Cherry blossoms better
-- MOTOKO, Osaka Japan
Today I must wait
Love or nap, choices pondered
Upon my pillow
-- Scootersaurus
A moment alone
Petals upon my pillow
Wishful thoughts of snacks
Scooter sweet dream boy
Remembers loves of the past
Roses suck, bones rule!
-- Barb Shaw
Love Me Tender, Love
Me Do, Beagles are so Cute
Give Me Cookies,Now
-- sam,zoey and romeo
Please don't try this folks
I make it look Easy,huh?
Greatness is my Gift
-- murphy cat campbell
Food, sniffing, baying
Are great, it's true, but always
My first love is you!
-- Jasmine's sidekick
Loooook into my eyes
Your sweet breath smells like dog food
Be my Valentine!
-- Kramer the Beagle (and Kate)
Squat not my senses
oh faugh rose of beastly scent
repose -- repine -- breathe
-- mary
Sleepy; hungry, too.
Love is splendid; lunch, better.
Can I eat this rose?
-- Scott Klein
I lick my bottom
I eat dead birds and deer poop
Now kiss me, you fool
-- Raffie and Cressie
Flower in my bed.
Who would leave it here for me?
Thorns poke my lips.
-- Julia and Moose
How do I love thee?
The ways are numberless as
My hairs on the rug.
-- Becky F
Look in my eyes and
Deny it. No human could
Love you as much I do
-- Phil S.
Sweet-smelling rose? Hmm
I care little for its scent
It's not edible
-- Peter H
Gaze into my eyes
Whisper sweet roos in my ear
Where is the cookie
-- Linus & Oscar
A rose is a rose
Is a rose, with a smell that
A true beagle knows
-- Meg ("The Poet") Gooddog
ME-ME sent this rose
For I am her truest love
And ME-ME is mine
-- Casey Gooddog
Soft brown eyes, red fur
Devotion that never ends
Outshines a mere rose
-- Marilyn and Chaos
Beige Beagle, beige bed
Craves color for Valentine
Ah, Pink rose, green stem
-- KK
Sweet dreams has this beag
With the scent of rose nearby
And thoughts of ME-ME
-- Phoebe Gooddog
Lovely like this rose
Your teeth are sharp as its thorns
Give back my pigear!
-- Homer and Sophie and Trixie and Adam the Beagles
Such sweet beagle dreams
Are behind Scooter's dark eyes
As he thinks of food
-- Meg Gooddog (still trying)
I am oh so cute.
Won't you be my valentine?
Now get me some food!
-- Karen Spivey
Beagle, o beagle
thy name like the rose petal
shall be sweet and soft
-- Lucy's Mom
Please pass the candy
or I shall eat this fine rose
leaves, stem and blossom
-- LadyBeagle and Abby
Beautiful red rose
Symbol of Valentine's Day
I'd rather have treats!
-- Bogie's Mom Hard at Work
What a dreamy look!
Is Scooter dreaming of love?
His dreams are of steak.
-- Meg Gooddog
oh my dear owner
how I love the way
you pour out my food
-- Roxy the destructobeagle and Amy too.
valentines are we
yay flowers and lots of treats
licks and love for us
-- Andrea
Forget the others.
Gaze into my eyes, deeply.
Now, give me that food.
-- Calvin K Peanut, International Dog of Mystery
i stand at your gate,
leg way up, urine shot high:
i proclaim my love!
-- rusty blue
Perfect budded rose,
Ripped from the fragrant manure
to lay at your feet.
-- Dawn Eng
It is a great day
When flowers they come my way
Hear me sing, Aroooooooo.
-- D. Philp
romantic gentleman dog
in love with you babe!
In my doggy heart,
There is lots of room for you,
Valentine human.
-- sississippi
My rose is thorny.
Beagle ears and nose are soft.
Hug me, Valentine.
-- sississippi
Soon, when I awake
I'll eat the leaves and petals
This rose will be toast
-- Tembo Pack
How do I love thee?
More than treats, more than chewies,
More than bunny poo.
-- KK
Like bee to flower,
My fervent brown nose seeks out
Your little pink <blush>
-- rusty blue eng
I love you, my dear
I want to kiss your sweet face
Now give me a treat!
-- Melissa
My love is gone I
Can't go on I feel the need
For a meal of corn
-- Becky - beaglemom
I have a rose to
hold under your nose if you
would be my love pup
-- Becky - beaglemom
Gaze into my eyes
Accept this rose as a gift
Let me lick your face
Here I am alone
Valentine's Day and no bone
Buried in my heart
-- no longer beagle-less in nebraska
I Need Your Love So Bad
How About Some Great Food In The Kitchen
I Want To Sleep With You Tonight
-- Denis Pagé
I love my pink rose.
It's much softer than my nose.
Ooooh! Watch my eyes close.
-- Cindy Butler
Roses aren't good eats
But I love them anyway
Because they're for you
-- Rhomylly & co.
Scooter, sweet beagle
Have you no love for us, dear?
Just roses and treats.
-- Michelle
Roses are OK.
I do prefer snausages.
Much better flavor.
-- Julia and Moose
Looking at you, babe
There's no beagle anywhere
Can account for love
-- Truman's mom
My sweet Valentine
I'll give you kisses and love
Don't you like dog breath?
-- Beaglemom
My beautiful love,
So smooth, soft, luscious. Please, dear,
More peanut butter?
-- Calvin "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" Peanut
The scent of a rose,
And Scooter's thoughts rise skyward—
If ME-ME were here....
-- Phoebe Gooddog
I am Scooter
I am a Beagle, Therefore,
I am lovable
-- Ethan's Mom
Valentine delight?
Fragrant rose, symbol of love --
I'd prefer Snickers.
-- Priscilla
fragrant rose of love
you capture me with your thorns
who cares? i sure don't
-- Frustrated poet
Brown and white still life.
Personal space -- may I share?
Now off in a flash!
-- Cheryl
Scent of rose wafts by
Thoughts of ME-ME fill his mind
Scooter Beagle waits
-- Meg Gooddog
A Valentine treat
Biscuits will you eat, On my
devotion you thrive
-- Liz
Love is like a rose
Pretty , thorny, sweet-smelling
But you can't eat it
-- Chester Drawers
My eyes are failing,
I do not see a Snausage.
Valentine's Day bites.
-- beagiemom
scooter is my mutt
scooter the beagle is cute
not as cute as mine
-- scamp
Scooter pines for love
What is this hunger in him?
Soon he will have food
-- Casey Gooddog
I am so hungry
hours it has been since i ate
rabbit poo tastes good
-- Max the hungry hound
Awash with fragrance
Scooter dreams of flow'ry fields
And licking his balls
-- Dick Goodman
The mighty hunter,
Scooter dreams of fat squirrels,
The fattest for Mom.
-- Jack Gooddog (with help from his Dad)
Bedecked with fragrance,
Scooter dreams of eating poop
And kissing Laurie.
-- Zoey Gooddog (with help from her Dad)
A rose for you, dear --
Gaze deeply into my eyes
Hey! That football's mine!
-- Cheryl
Scooter dreams of gifts:
Carcasses of deer and elk
To lay at Mom's feet.
-- Sam Goodbird (with help from her Dad)
A rose by any
Other name would smell as sweet;
I will call it "poop."
-- Mimi K. and Dick G.
Love is very great
So let us celebrate love
With the joys of love
-- BeAgLe-LoVeRs
Lovesick Scooter waits
For a token from his love;
Cookies will suffice.
-- Phoebe Gooddog
things to remember,
Daytona 500, 300th Simpsons,
replace rose with chewtoy
-- Jasmine's Dude
The dinner hour comes,
The offering is paltry,
Where hides the kibble??
-- Rosalie
Dreaming of my love,
Thinking of hearts devotion,
Oh, where is my bowl?
-- Rosalie
Scooter wonders why
No box of candy arrived
For Valentines Day
-- Papagena Goodbird
On Valentine's Day
I would like to eat hot dogs,
For roses have thorns.
-- Merbley
A red bloom nestled
With a red and white beagle
Rosy perfection
-- Rose Alee
I bring you this rose
Will you be my Valentine?
Who can resist me?
-- Dandy Lion
Oh sweet little rose
A Valentine's gift from Mom
Are you edible?
-- Hobbes
Love is in the Air
Little Red Head Beagle Moved
Valentines Day Blues
-- Rosco's mom
In love with ME-ME
Who buries remote controls,
Scooter merely sighs.
-- Zoey Gooddog
A rose is a rose
its odor fills up my nose,
but not my belly
-- Rosalie
Splash of pink on white,
At once fragrant and fleeting,
Like a bitch in heat.
-- rusty blue eng
Live by bread alone?
Impossible for Scootie!
Bring meat, bones, cookies!
-- Rosalie
What is this smell thing?
It has stuck me in my nose!
Give it to Clayton!
-- Rosalie
-- ME-ME
We beagles eschew
Iambic pentameter
But haiku will do
-- Alfred's Cut-Rate Poetry Society
Cuter than the rest.
Even with the slobb'ry tongue.
Wins "The Bachelorette"
-- Dave Dwyer (welcome back!)
Hello, I'm Scooter
I want to come home with Jen
I can be your friend
-- JU
Oh Fair Buttercup
my brothers ate your candy
and all but one rose
-- LadyBeagle
This rose for my love
I'll give For Valentine's Day
Nah, think I'll eat it
-- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
Will you look at me?
Because I am so pretty
Wont you play with me?
-- Grace T
Oh, lovely one you
I offer you this flower
Might I have a treat?
-- D. Philp
Scoot, you're cute, but poo --
I'm in luuuuuuuv with Rusty Blue,
And I'm true, true, true.
-- Zoey Gooddog (written by herself)