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February 8, 2002

Clayton hopes he doesn't become the new poster boy for "agony of defeat"

Congratulations to Meg Az.,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was J. Syron for:

    Higher, Stronger, Faster, Chubbier.

The other captions:

  • Clayton practicing for the olympic games. -- Laura DeCotiis
  • I'm ready! Bring on the competition! -- Charlie
  • Meanwhile, with less fanfare but no less excitement, the XXVI Winter Beagle Olympiad begins! -- Buttercup
  • Ski-Beagle Clayton gets up extra early to be the first one on the slopes. -- Cara
  • A special announcement for those who can't decide whether to watch the Olympics or Westminster.... -- TjL
  • Finally!! A way to keep up with the snow rabbits!! -- Amber
  • Next up on the ski's Clayton, representing the Dog Planet! -- Chris Oberst
  • And here is #1, Clayton Kramer, as he prepares for the newest Olympic event: Beagle skiing!! -- Melissa
  • Well let me get in to them so I can start practicing. Hope I don't fall. -- BeBe, Cookie, Precious Beagle(s)
  • I think I'll need a longer ramp if I'm going to try ski jumping. -- Tim Sousa
  • Enjoy the ultimate in ski-in ski-out accomodations -- Scott Pape
  • Are these my downhill skis? I thought I tried out for the cross country this year? -- D. Philp
  • This is the LAST time I let Spenser make my travel arrangements! -- Becky F.
  • It's all downhill from here. -- molly beagle eng
  • As opposed to "Eddie the Eagle", the story at the Olympics this year is "Clayton the Beagle" -- Bob
  • Tonight with Bob Costas....Clayton, "Up close and Personal" -- Bob
  • Daaaa|Daa|d|Daa|Daa|Daa|Daa Daaa|d|d|Da|d|d|Da|Da|Daa|d|d| Daaa -- Beagle Boy Mickey
  • I said "I need to PEE", not "I want to SKI"! -- Phil S.
  • They dont call me swoosh Clayton for nothing. -- Buster Beagle
  • I dont know. This hill is HUGE! -- Buster Beagle
  • Snow Dog 2: Coming soon to a theater near you! -- Vivian Andrews
  • Clayton hesitates to return to the slopes after the notorious double daffy incident. -- sississippi
  • The Latest from the Winter Olympics: Out - Eddie the Eagle. In - Clayton the Beagle -- Jackson
  • "I don't know how to use skis, I'm a bobsledder!" -- Lisa Sousa and Spencer
  • ' mom ,dad maybe the quest for gold should start at a dog show' -- brian
  • Clayton Kramer, Team USA, assesses the jump. --
  • Clayton prepares to "Go for the Gold". -- Rosalie
  • Mom, is it time to go skiing already? Yeppy! Now I can win the skiing contest. -- JJP
  • First beagle to win gold in the slalom -- Benjamin Canady
  • Ok, time to go skiing! -- Bob
  • It's Off To The Bunny Slopes!!!!! -- Rachel
  • Salt Lake City welcomes Eddie the Eagle's brother, Clayton the Beagle -- Annie Golding
  • I'll betch that I bet you at every sport including skiing!! -- Jessica P.
  • How in the world am I going to get all four paws onto these things? -- Candy "The Wonder Beagle"
  • Oh doG! not ski bunny season again! -- Rosalie
  • Jeez, what is this? I just wanted to go outside to pee. -- Meg R.
  • "Can't I just take up something like agility?" -- Casey Gooddog
  • Can I....dare I.... will I......! -- Charlie & Angie
  • I was really hoping for powder this morning! -- Michael Simpson
  • There are some things even Beagles wouldn't do for a Klondike Bar -- Abby & Kiki
  • In search of the Abominable SnowBeagle! -- sam,zoey and romeo
  • Now how do i use these -- Puppyluver
  • It's my turn to win the gold -- Michael and Regis
  • Mom.. I think I will go skiing now if that is ok with you, well and Dad too! -- Pricilla and Jessica
  • If only I had two feet! -- Monkeeluver988
  • Influenced by snow, Clayton prepares for his snow trip! -- Cho!
  • Got Snow??? -- sara
  • Oh MY! How am I supposed to use these? NO SNOW! -- Beagle Boy Buddie
  • Clayton readies for the Super Giant Slalom. 'SO, where's the snow?!' -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo (w/the snow)
  • Clayton gets ready for the K-9 ski jump competition. -- Mel