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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter, Sherman and Stanley: then and now.

December 21, 2009

Santa came early! Please meet Stanley!

We adopted Stanley from SOS Beagle Rescue on Friday. He's 1 or 2 years old and was rescued in Tennessee where he was a stray. That's all we know about him, but we're sure he lived in a home. He adores people and knows how to get on furniture. He didn't know snow, though! But he's a quick learner and was dashing through it after Sherman, Buttercup and Tootsie. (Clayton did color commentary.) We wanted a pal for Sherman and it appears that's what we got - they're getting along quite well. Stanley is leggy and skinny, and looks almost like a miniature Spenser. He's about the same weight as Sherman. Fortunately he cannot reach the counter. And look! He knows how to pose!