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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter and Sherman: then and now.

December 4, 2009

Believe it or not, we pay $2,000 a month for this apartment!

Congratulations to Biscuit's mom
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was 1-0-1 for:

The New Jersey Little Theatre does "The Birddog of Alcatraz"

The other captions:

  • Beagle Brothers in the Brig -- Ralphie's Mom
  • "I was just the lookout." -- Christine Feldman
  • Hoping to be the next dogs in space, Sherman and Clayton demonstrate they can share a small space. -- Scooter and his people
  • We Promise no more snooping for the the Christmas Presents, (it was Shermans idea anyway!) -- Kellie Lightcap
  • These coach seats seem even smaller. -- tricolor dog
  • I know the room rate is based on double occupancy, but come on! -- Zoey's Mom
  • Mom, this is only cute until Sherman starts farting again. -- Dave Dwyer
  • The swordfish hunting beagles are ready to descend... -- Dylan's Mum
  • We promise not to tackle St. Nick if you let us out! -- Michelle Yanda, Maggy & Ruby too
  • I swear we didn't do it. We were framed. -- Bobbie ( Casey & Dexter's mom)
  • We know the economy is bad but this isn't even business class. -- joan
  • Too close for Comfort ? -- Dave Bell
  • The streets are safe for seafood again... the infamous swordfish poaching gang is behind bars. -- Gravy Man
  • Precious Cargo! Christmas Beagles awaiting holiday shipping instructions. -- Lucy M. Beagle
  • Occupancy limit achieved -- Junebug's Mom
  • I told you to leave the swordfish alone! -- Oliver's Mom
  • Mom we are sorry we promise if you let us out we wont steal anymore swordfish -- Isis' Mom
  • Heaven for one! Pure torture for the other... -- Courtney
  • Sherman and Clayton now understand the music of Johnny Cash firsthand. -- Steve
  • Err... Clayton... I think we are a little crowded in of us gotta go -- Rebecca in AZ, proud owner of Wally Beagle
  • Just as long as they don't try to fit Moses in here too... -- J&B
  • Help! Somebody call the ASPCA! -- Graham's mom
  • The frenzy of pre-holiday sales has reached the Kramer home, where beagles are now two-for-one! -- Sparky's mama
  • Daily Digital: Country style: Sleeping single in a double bed, tossing, turning, wishing.... -- Gracie Butler's Mommy
  • I liked the blister pack idea a lot better. -- Dr. Gomer and Noodles
  • Help! Let us out! We're starving in here! -- Annabelle, Brady, and Calvin Cohen
  • "Where do you think we are going Sir?....I sure hope it's the dog park!" -- 3 beagles in a bed!!!!! - Abilene Texas
  • This is NOT what they meant by "One size fits ALL" -- Jay Ranck
  • Boy is it crowded in here. -- Samantha
  • If we could get more beagles in here we could be in the Guiness Book of World Records. Bring on the beagles!! -- Jed
  • These apartments in the northeast just keep getting smaller and smaller. -- Biscuit's mom
  • Who didn't let the dogs out? Whoof Whoof Whoof!!!! -- 1-0-1
  • we were detained! -- cate
  • Sherman and Clayton contemplate a jail break. -- Hank
  • "We're not in Kansas anymore, Clayton.
  • He's been watching too much 24 lately. -- Annabelle, Brady, and Calvin Cohen's Dad
  • Sir, I thought Councilman Phil was planning to do something about the housing shortage in town. -- Paws for Thought
  • "Thank you Sir for not telling Dad that I was the one who ate his acceptance speech!" -- 1-0-1
  • Siamese Beagles? -- Gunner and Bailey Beagles
  • Is this how Andy and Barney did it? -- Ron K
  • Don't bend over young Sherm, don't bend over... -- Simon and Chloe
  • Introducing the NEW Vari Kennel! Now with 100% more beagle!! -- Glizzie
  • Should have been suspicious of swordfish in this confined space... -- Freckles' mom
  • All aboard the Polar Express! -- Rhomylly and Bridey
  • The boys find a slumber party isn't quite what they expected. -- Lola
  • ahem...uh...ummm....can somebody open the door, please? -- Brandy and Hammy's Mom, Tampa
  • OK Sherman, Tell me again, why are we in here? -- Buttons the Beagle
  • when am i gonna get away from this punk!!! -- K9ster
  • I guess we're doing time for being so cute! -- Karen S.
  • Two for the road. -- JC
  • "I don't think our plan worked out right. Wasn't the rabbit supposed to end up in the trap?" -- Max's mom
  • "Sir, could you please move your fat ass over just a smidge?" -- 1-0-1
  • Move over Sherman, I think its about time we made room for one more! -- Scout and Scott
  • Sir I thought you said first class, not no class! -- Sparkle is my dog
  • Sherman Houdini and Clayton Kramer attempting the infamous Kennel Box Escape -- Oscar's mom
  • "Come on December 25th...... it's crowded in here!" --
  • We feel like sardines. -- Samantha
  • Doing the time, these partners in crime. -- molly belle's mom
  • This really seems like a bad idea, given Clayton's tendencies to attack.
  • Oh Dang! I left my cell phone in the other room. -- Snoo