December 16, 2008

Patty writes: Here are a few from our Mr. & Mrs. Claus Beagle Photo Shoot session. (Lady would not cooperate as she was scheduled for CCL Surgery the next day, poor thing.) Lady & Tramp are 6 years old and Lady is the boss! Tramp just follows Lady around.. Their favorite toys are Kongs and anything they can eat. There favorite activity is chasing away squirrels and birds!
Scooby lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and had quite a haul last year for Christmas. Get well soon, Scooby!

Honorary Beagles, Frankie and Louie
This is Frankie (pilgrim) and Louie's (Indian) Thanksgiving picture. They were both recently diagnosed with protein loosing enteropathy and were just put on a new diet. In addition to their latest veterinary specialist, an outstanding gastroenterologist, they also have their very own veterinary nutritionist. They now have a choice of home cooked Bison or Ostrich which explains why the Turkey in the picture has very long skinny legs (as in ostrich. I was hoping they wouldn't notice. (Hi, Carol!)