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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

December 10, 2008

Two of my remaining tasks for the week are to write up beagle feeding instructions for Janine and finish the Daily Digitals. So I thought, hey, why not do both at once!
Feeding the Boys
The boys are fed in the morning and the evening, as soon as you get home. If you're going to be late, you can call Bob L. and he'll come over and feed them. Here's the food. There are several different brands of canned food as well as the dry kibble. Underneath these shelves is the white recycling bin. If you put the empty cans in there, make sure they are completely free of food, so the boys don't start sniffing around. Or you can just put them outside in the blue recycling bins.

Clayton's bowl is blue. Measure his dry food up to the line on his cup. (Don't use Spenser's cup, I'll tell you why in a second.) Clayton then gets about 1/4 of a can, preferably the "diet" brand (green and white).

While you're preparing the meal, Clayton will sit in position, howl, and quiver. He's not fussy at all and in fact has turned down food only twice in his life. Spenser, on the other hand has become very finicky in his teenage years.

Spenser will frequently skip meals. You'll put the food down, he'll sniff it and walk away. Pick up the bowl immediately and put it on the counter, then try a little bit later on. When he does eat, you need to watch him the entire time, because he usually leaves a little. Clayton knows this, and this is why Clayton is fat. As for what to feed Spenser, give him a combination of any two canned foods, about 3/4 can total per meal. Then sprinkle some dry kibble on top. (He's not a big dry kibble fan.) You can give Spenser extra food if he seems particularly hungry.

If he doesn't finish, pick it up and offer it later. As for treats, they can each have one or two jerky strips and up to 3 baby carrots. I hope this explains everything, Janine, and thanks again!