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December 5, 2008

Warning: graphic content today! Yucky medical stuff!
I took both boys to the vet yesterday. Spenser has been nursing a cut on his paw for about a week and it was getting worse, not better. Turns out he has a lick granuloma.

Clayton's ear (actually, the other ear, I am sparing you) was starting to look gunky and since he is prone to ear infections I wanted to have it checked.

Also, his butt has continued to bother him even after a second attempt by Dr. Kramer to relieve the situation. (Give the guy a break, he is a very fine neurologist, you know.)

Clayton's butt was successfully squeezed and he has drops for an ear infection. Spenser is on antibiotics and has a "soothing spray" for his paw. I also picked up flea and tick stuff because I was all out and do not want to go through that flea thing again. I am quite thankful that I brought the boys in, because we are leaving for vacation in nine days and I don't want to leave Janine with these problems.

I rarely leave the vet for less. Same for you?

Well, apparently very few of you have your holiday photos ready, so I'm opening up the Guest DD to any old cute shot you'd like. Send a caption and/or a paragraph or two along with it by next Tuesday to