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December 1, 2008

Hold on just one second, there's a dog missing!

Oh, okay, there he is! That's Phillip's brother Wayne. The poor guy was pinned here most of the day. Kept him from snacking too much, though. By the way, if you take a peek outside the window you'll see my car. It's the best parking space I've ever found in Brooklyn and I considered staying for a few weeks just to enjoy it.

Before dinner we (finally!) met up with Jeff and William, Otis and Earl. We told all the passersby who stared at the four beagles that we were hunting foxes. I think one person believed us.

The highlight of the day came after the meal when Chad announced that he was thankful to feel part of the family, and that that he wanted to make it more formal. Can you guess what happened next? Yes! He pulled a diamond ring out of his pocket and PROPOSED TO GABRIELLE (Wayne's daughter, Phillip's niece)! In front of the whole family! What a thrill for everyone and fortunately my camera was at the table. (That is Phillip's sister Sara admiring the ring.) I tell you, it was almost too exciting to eat pie after, but we all forced ourselves.

It's that time again! Time for the Guest DD! Send me your holiday photos and I will choose five (perhaps more) to be displayed the week after next while we're on vacation. Send them by Tuesday the 9th to