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December 13, 2007

Marguerite sent me a nice note yesterday saying how she's enjoyed the ongoing saga of the Deer Attack. Right or wrong, I shall extrapolate from her encouragement and give you just one more day of it. As you have probably figured out, the jeans above were the ones Phillip had on during the D.A. No need for you to see the whole bloody mess, but suffice it to say that it was, well, a bloody mess. But believe it or not, while the deer's antler penetrated Phillip's leg, it did NOT penetrate the rugged denim of these Carhartt jeans. (Let that be a note to any of you anticipating a run-in with a deer, moose, or other horned mammal.) Okay, now fast forward a day. I'm embarrassed to say that the jeans were where he'd left them, next to the sliding glass door in the living room; I just didn't want to deal with them. So I'm sitting at my computer and I hear Spenser tearing a squeaky toy apart. But he keeps at it and I know there's no way a Dollar store squeaky toy is going to hold up to that. Figured it out yet? Yes, he had chewed off a large chunk of denim that was flavored, shall we say "red," and was working on more. Fortunately there was no denim blockage, no return trip to the emergency vet, and the jeans went out with the trash. So to Marguerite and others, I hope you have enjoyed this official conclusion to the by now interminable saga of the Deer Attack. THE END!