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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

December 4, 2007

It's never good news when Phillip calls from the woods. Spenser's on the loose, someone got skunked, a rabid racoon, a headless goose, you name it. Last night he called to say that he (Phillip) had been gored by a deer. Yes, you read that correctly, my husband had been gored by an eight point buck in his right calf. The deer, who was injured, had lunged at Spenser when Spenser ran at him, and Phillip had gone for the deer to protect Spenser. It was an eight-point buck but because it was injured Phillip was able to subdue it enough to get himself and Spenser out of the way but not before Phillip was injured. (Turns out that the deer had been shot by our neighbor on this the first day of hunting season, and the shots we heard ten minutes later were them putting the deer out of its misery.) So anyway, everyone was able to make it back to the house and when Phillip rolls up his pants we saw a nasty laceration about 1-2" wide. I checked Spenser who seemed fine despite his encounter with the deer, so I put Phillip in the car and we headed off to his hospital. One of the perks of being a doctor is getting to have your ER visit expedited and we were out of there in under two hours. So we got home before 9PM and that's when I saw the puncture wound on Spenser's left side. Crap. I put Spenser in the car and off we went to the emergency vet, which, for a change, was not that busy. The vet showed me the x-ray and said that he was concerned that the antler had perforated the abdominal cavity and that he was going to open the wound a little to check and if it had perforated, he'd need to do exploratory surgery to check for internal lacerations. Double crap. The vet sent me home and he said he'd call in a few hours. The lidocaine had worn off off by now and Phillip was in some pain but we managed to get to sleep before 1am. The vet called a little later with the very good news that there was NO perforation, and I picked up Spenser this morning. Phillip went to work on crutches, Spenser is in his crate, and I am taking the day off to relax, watch Spenser, and count our blessings.