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December 31, 2004

The hallucination that made Spenser quit drinking entirely.

Congratulations to Jody Rich,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Joie de Beagle for:

Happy New Ears!

The other captions:

  • Will someone please get Baby New Year away from me. I'm tired! -- Becky - beaglemom
  • "Will you kiss me at midnight?" -- Melissa
  • "I wonder if this is the year of Y2K!" -- Mary Ellen
  • No..puppy dog,,.you can not have my crown,.I am the Beagle New Year! -- Lady & Tramp Catania-Beagle
  • Always good to share the new year with someone you love. -- Jake
  • So you are 2004 and I am 2005.....boy it must have been a busy year! -- Marty
  • Happy New Ears!! -- all beags all the time
  • My Resolution is: To quit whizzing on the carpet -- nharris
  • Out with the old and in with the NEW !!!! -- beagle lover
  • I'M the New Year Baby, Gotta love me! -- 1-0-1(in Las Vegas)
  • I heard the hair of a little dog would help! -- 1-0-1(in Las Vegas)
  • HI! I'm baby new year! Ain't I cute? -- mitsretlow
  • Sir, excuse me, gotta really big nose! -- 1-0-1(in Las Vegas)
  • Spenser appears worried about his impending pup-ectomy. -- big woof-dee-doo
  • Ya know, the New Year Baby gets younger and younger, every year! -- Kramer and Kate
  • i think that some one swiched our water bowl with the punch bowl! -- beaglelover bobbie
  • I didn't know they were rum balls! I thought they were doggie treats! -- Abbey Beagle
  • The excitement doesn't end at the Kramer household! -- J. Syron
  • Either someone spiked the drinking water, or Scooter has really REALLY changed! -- Abbey & Mo's Mommy
  • Next year it's *your* turn to wear this silly crown! -- Brenda Crispin
  • Ring in Peace for all, great and small, this New Year -- sam,zoey,romeo and buddy
  • It was a wild New Year's Eve... But I swear, it's NOT mine!! No way, no how, didn't happen! -- Truman
  • Had too much, Buddy? I'll drive. -- BeagleFiend
  • Oh no! Another year of laying around and being petted! -- Beag momma
  • Hmm, New Year's resolution ? We're perfect already! -- Beag momma
  • "I got a baby for New Year's!" -- Meg Gooddog
  • I knew I shouldn'tve tried that cat nip..... -- liz
  • Daddy WAKE UP ! My New Year party costume will be the COW-BEAGLE ! Wouf Wouf Wouf... -- Wondicky in Tokyo says *Akemashite Omedeto* (Happy New Year in Japanese) !
  • Should I get you an icebag for your aching head, Uncle Spenser? -- Benny's Mom
  • Daddy, Please get me a beagle for my birthday, please.... -- Emily Motill
  • Spenser wonders how he got roped into yet another New Year's Eve babysitting job. -- Hound Heaven
  • Happy? Looks like competition to me! -- Scout's other half
  • Uh uh. No. Nope, no way Jose. Not gon' do it. No puppies! -- Gomez and Lily
  • *sigh* I'm going to pretend to be asleep at midnight.... -- TjL
  • So this is it huh? -- Monica
  • We wish you and yours peace and happiness in 2005. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • Good Golly Miss Molly! -- Prada