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August 31, 2001

Men love long hair on women.
Some like the way it feels, others the way it smells...

Congratulations to KK, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Meg R. for:

    On a chilly day, I like to crawl under a warm, fluffy Afghan.

The other captions:

  • Smells like..... chicken? -- Hobbes
  • Whoa! This is why I do not take Flintstone vitamins. -- Emmitt's Mom
  • WHERE IS IT??????? -- molly b. eng
  • What is that perfume you're wearing? -- Meg Az.
  • Scooters nose always knows....................................... -- Mary Ann Michaels
  • This rug smells funny! -- Andrew H.
  • Well I'll be... you are a dog. Wouldn't have guessed it by looking at ya. -- Cara
  • "Le Poo Poo" parfume by Este Scooter. As Seen on TV. Get yours today! -- Barb Shaw
  • World's Worst Hunting Dog -- Mark Shaw
  • Is this where he keeps his Crown Jewels hidden? -- Annie Golding
  • Everybody Conga Now ! -- zoey,sam and romeo
  • Hey, this tree smells like,, Afghan!!! -- Dee and Max
  • Well Helllloooo!! What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?! -- Dee and Max
  • MMMM...Smells like chicken! -- Bob
  • "Are you my Mommy? oops, sorry sir." -- Bob
  • Scooter suddenly finds himslef in Beagle heaven..... -- Beagle Boy
  • "If it looks like a dog, and smells like a dog......" -- Butch
  • "So this is what it's like to get a little tail..." -- Butch
  • Suddenly, Scooter understood what it meant to make another dog's tail curl. -- Bubba
  • Helloooooooooo in there! -- Lisa C.
  • Your butt's a lot higher than I'm used to --
  • Scooter!/Scooter, Scooter, Bo Booter/Bonana, Fanna, Fo Footer/Fee, Fy, Mo Mooter/Scooter! -- Meg Gooddog (with thanks to Mary and Hutch)
  • Scooter finds it refreshing not to have to bend down to sniff where a dog has to sniff. -- Casey Gooddog
  • "He may be big, but he smells just like the rest of us." -- zoey gooddog
  • Scooter's excellent orienteering skills come in handy. -- rusty blue a. h. eng
  • Where does mom hide those biscuits? -- Barney
  • Smells even better than my afghan at home! -- Muggsey, JRT, Philly
  • I'm pointing -- Howard Knoebel
  • Scooter demonstrates that unless you're the lead dog the scenery never changes. -- Janiece, Bo, Annie and Maggie
  • OK Matisse--come out, come out, wherever you are! -- ccarlson
  • Scooter finds out Farscape is reality TV. -- Muggsey, JRT, Philly
  • Scooter's nose leads the way to Bush's tax plan. -- Muggsey, JRT, Philly
  • Tired of rear ending other dogs, Scooter comes up with a brilliant idea... brake lights for dogs! -- Tim Sousa.
  • "What a strange smelling tree." -- Ace
  • Just checking to see if you're a boy or a girl! -- Melissa
  • I think we've met before! -- Taffy Dodd
  • What is that smell ! -- Julie Givens
  • What kinda beagle is this?! AGH Not a beagle, ITS MONSTER DOG!!!! -- Rebecca
  • Onlookers watch in disbelief as Star Wars superfan Scooter mistakes another dog for Chewbacca -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
  • "Honest! I saw the bunny hop right in here! -- Muggsey JRT Phila.
  • Scooter settles the "sheep or dog?" question once and for all. -- Chris Oberst
  • Where's the entrance to this here carwash? -- Scott Klein
  • Gee, your hair smells terrific! -- KK
  • Chewbaka is it YOU? -- N. Gray
  • It smells like there's a dog in there somewhere . . . -- Bayley Gray
  • Butthead! -- Hutch
  • Dr. Scooter has diagnozed impacted anal glands. -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • psst! Spence? You in there? -- Bailey's Dad
  • Matisse, is that you??? -- Kerrythistle
  • I don't remember the face......butt! -- Rosalie
  • Yup, just wanted to say hello. -- D. Philp
  • " it Joop or Arpege?" -- Richard A. Goodman
  • Scooter checks for anal warts on a visiting friend. -- Zoey Gooddog
  • Intrepid Explorer Discovers The Last Woolly Mammoth! - Tonight on The Discovery Channel -- Lisa C.
  • Is that eatable?? -- Marie
  • When opportunity knocks, Scooter answers! -- Hubble and Cassie